Questioning Sexual Health.

By Parker Smith

Knowledge: Which country has the highest amount of teen pregnancy and which state of the US has the highest amount?

The US has the highest rate of teen pregnancy at 57 per 1000 15-19 year old teens.

New Mexico has the highest amount of teen pregnancy at 81 per 1000 children

Whereas New Hampshire has the lowest amount
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Knowledge: How can alcohol harm the baby during Fetal Development?

Alcohol can go from the woman's bloodstream to the baby’s bloodstream and harm the baby's growth. It can hurt their brain cell formation and their spinal cord.

This can lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which has the effects of physical, mental, and learning disabilities.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the leading preventable birth defect.

Watch A Mother Damage Her Baby's Brain / Video

Applying: What do people think the most important characteristics of a healthy relationship?

Friendliness, being able to have a nice conversation between the two

Love, The burning desire to be with that person and never let them go.

Serving heart, Wanting to help them and never see them struggle where you can help.

honest communication, Never being afraid to tell your partner something even if it makes you look bad.

Patience, Being able to wait, and wait as you know they are the one and want to help them through what they are going for or helping them get a concept.

Loyalty, Never cheating on the person and always staying true to them.

A Common purpose, Setting goals together, watching each other succeed in the game of life.

Fun, most of all having fun, doing memorable things together and enjoying life and living it up.

Understanding: I love someone and want nothing more then their love but I have no sex desire for them, until i have been with them for a long itme is this normal?

This is completely normal, this type of sexuality is called Demisexual.

Demisexual means that people don't feel any sex desire for their partner but may feel some sexual desire once they are fully comfortable with their partner.

Demisexuals vary in their sexual preference, some think that it is wrong, others are okay with it and other enjoy sex.

Analyze: Which STIs are rising the fastest STI in Rhode Island?

A 2013-2014 study by medical news today shows that syphilis rates has been raised by 79% over the year.

Gonorrhea has increased by around 30 percent recently

The new strand of HIV has risen by 33 percent recently

Evaluate: Is there constructive methods for males, if so Which two constructive methods are the most effect for males?

Condoms are the most common choice, they are a thin plastic sheeting that goes over the penis during sex. Condoms are around 98 percent effective in birthcontrol.

Condoms are only to be used one time and are disposed after

A vasectomy is a very effect way of birthcontrol. Some sperm will still be inside the male and will need to be ejaculated out which will take about 3 months.

A vasectomy will keep working for the rest of the male's life but can be undone but will cost a night in the hospital and some money.

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