Team Hill Update

April 30, 2015 DFES Title One

Testing, Field trips and more

We have survived the first round of testing and are looking forward to tomorrow! Friday we will be spending the day doing some hands on science through experimentation and investigation! Miss Kirkley, our DFHS teacher cadet, will be spending her last day with us and although we are sad to see her leave, we wish her the very best as she pursues her teaching degree.

Next week, we will have the PASS science and social studies testing. These tests are on Thursday, May 7, and Friday, May 8. These tests are not timed.

Here are some important dates to mark on your calendar:

May 12- Saluda Shoals field trip

May 15- IHS field trip to watch movie on Monarch Butterflies

May 22 Field Day (We will need parent volunteers:)

May 27 3rd and 4th grade talent show

May 29 Tag of Honor

June 1-3 Early dismissal 10:30am

Please look for permission slips coming home in Thursday folders about the upcoming field trips. We do need the lunch counts back by May 4 so the cafeteria has ample time to prepare.

Learning going on inside and outside of the classroom

Math- Students are continuing to master decimals! Next we will focus on geometry and measurement.

Science- We will continue to work with batteries, circuits, bulbs, and motors. We will be reviewing all science covered through out the year in prep for the PASS testing:)

Social Studies: Civil War Following PASS testing, we will be engaging in a Civil War simulation.

Reading: We have been reading "Riding Freedom" as a class novel and have fallen in love with the main character, Charlotte. We find ourselves rooting for her as she faces many challenges and obstacles during the 1800's.

We have also been reading the book, Wonder, and really reflecting on how our words and actions impact others. Wonder is the story about a boy who suffers from a facial deformity and chronicles his account of going to school for the first time as a fifth grader.

Last , but certainly not least, we are very excited to have had help in the Butterfly Garden by members of the garden club in planting more milkweed, herbs and coneflowers to finalize our 4th grade butterfly garden. We hope to learn more in our visit to Irmo High School, May 15, about the plight of the Monarch Butterfly and do so hope that our butterfly garden will be an attractions to the Monarchs. We will be learning how to tag the butterflies so that we can track their movement and make a positive impact on our environment!

Ice Cream Fridays

Fridays will be ice cream buying days for the 4th graders- if they so choose to purchase ice cream. Hopefully this adjustment will be beneficial for all students and our wonderful cafeteria staff who is working non stop to get everyone fed in a timely fashion:)