Why Is The Ocean Salty?

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Why Is The Ocean Salty Reason 1

The rain that falls on land has carbon dioxide in it. This carbon dioxide causes rain to turn into acid . The rain makes the acid break down to rock. The rain water also carries salts and minerals. Many dissolved salts are used by, close to, or in the ocean. After they are in the water they are removed from the ocean and, are sucked up back into the clouds. Just like the water cycle.

Why The Ocean Is Salty Reason 2

The concentration of the ocean is about 35 per thousand. In another way about 3.5 percent of the ocean comes form a dissolved salts. In a cubic mile of the ocean they discovered that it could way to be about 120 million tons.

Why The Ocean Is Salty Reason 3

It is said that lakes get water from streams, and rivers. Lakes ore connected to the ground. Some people might ask "Why are they salty"? I it is said that some are. The Great Salt Lake and The Dead Sea contains many minerals but, it doesn't taste salty you might ask"Why"? The reason is if it contains sodium icons, and chloride icons it will taste more like salt water. If the minerals in the lake doesn't contain barley any sodium it won't taste like salt water.