S'more Great News

Ms. Kenney's Class

What did you learn today?

Do you ever ask your child "What did you learn today?" and they say nothing? Of course your child is doing plenty of learning in school! Here are some questions you can ask him/her to get a little better conversation going.

What does symmetrical mean?

What are the four cardinal points?

What are the four intermediate points?

What is the difference between realistic fiction and fantasy?

How do you know when to carry a ten in addition?

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The SMARTboard has provided us with some very unique learning this year. Students are very engaged when they get to use the SMARTBoard. We try to incorporate activities using the board and all of it's awesome features. Here, Virginia is describing to the class what polygons are and what they are not.
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Learning can get messy!

Supplies are everywhere on Pod 4, but that's the way they learn many things. They learn to use different mediums (utensils), how to share, how to handle a situation when someone's stuff is in your space. Even keeping track of all the supplies in desks is a good lesson for organization. When I see a mess I look at it as learning and lessons to be learned.

Upcoming Events

December 22- Unit 5 Math Test

December 23rd- Holiday Party (2pm-3pm)

December 24-Jan 4- Winter Break (Enjoy!)

~Ms. Kenney