The life and death of an adventurer

A Man Of Vision!

Ferdinand Magellan has always seem the world has a whole. Since he was a little boy he has studied mapmaking and navigation . By his mid 20s, he was sailing in large fleets and committed in combat. In 1519, with the support of the king, Magellan set out to sea to circumnavigate the globe.he assembled a fleet and despite huge setbacks, his own death included,proved that the world was round.

Magellens fleet sails around the world!

The fleet provided by King Charles V included five ships: the flagship Trinidad under Magellan's command; San Antonio ,commanded by Juan de Cartagena; Concepcion commanded by Gaspar de Quesada; Santiago commanded by JuanSerrano; and Victoria, named after the church of Santa Maria de la Victoria de Triana, where Magellan took an oath of allegiance to Charles V, commanded by Luis Mendoza. Trinidad was a caravel.
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