Author: Madison Whitley - B3

Benefits of Teaching

Extrinsic Benefits:

  • Salary benefits
  • Retirement & Health Care
  • Status
  • Most important benefit to Society

Intrinsic Benefits:

  • Seeing Children Learn & Grow
  • Doing Important work for the Common Good
  • Stimulating Contact & Interaction with students & fellow teachers
  • Educating the future generations

Blog Questions

How does becoming a teacher contribute to society? - Sarah J.

  • You will be passing on information that might help students find their future career path.

How do I know this is something I want to do? - Angela S.

  • I cant tell you how to know if this is something you want to do but loving children, being patient & calm, organized & having a caring heart.

How do I become a great teacher that is a good role model? -Farah A.

  • The only way to become a great teacher is to not give up in what you believe might help students. If you think your children need books or extra materials don't be afraid to grab these and help your students become the best they can be.

Why would becoming a teacher benefit others? -Brittani M.

  • I believe becoming a teacher benefits others because you get the opportunity to teach the next generation and to spread a long knowledge & happiness through the lessons that you have prepared.

Will I be happy with this career choice? -John A.

  • This is something that you would have to make for yourself, as I said before, having a big heart. very strict, caring and a true love for children might help you in deciding if you are happy where you are or not.
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