By: Jillian Foletto and Medha Karthik


Arabic is the Algerian's official language (Social)

Lead is a natural resource in Algeria (Geographic)

GDP-per capita in Algeria is $7,500 (Economic)

Eating is important in Algeria. Foods include, chorba (spicy lamb or chicken stew), and kefta (meatballs with spices). (Social)

Republic is Algeria's type of government (Political)

Independence day in Algeria is July 5th, 1962 (Political)

Algeria's capital is Algiers (Political)


Algeria's type of government is Republic. Abdelmalek Sellal is the Prime Minister of Algeria. The capital of Algeria is Algiers. July 5th, 1962 is their Independence Day. The suffrage is universal and the voting age is 18 years or older.


The currency is Algerian Dinar. The GDP Per Capita is 7,500. The population is 38,813,722!


Algeria is located in North Africa. Their natural resources are petroleum (oil), natural gas, iron ore, phosphates, uranium, lead, and zinc. Some transportation barriers are the Atlas Mountains and the Canyon Walls of Tassilili N'ajjer. A transportation corridor in the Sly River.


The official language is Arabic. The religions practiced in Algeria are: Sunni Muslim; 99%, Christian and Jewish; 1%. Revolution day is November 1st, 1954. Another language spoken is French!

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