Electronic Press Kit

The Artist Page Project


Ledger Paper & Sticky Notes

  1. Look at five (or more) musician sites (choose three out of the seven that are given to you below, and two of your own choice).
  2. Identify which items are necessary to have on such a site and what would be nice to have. Write the items on sticky notes and arrange them on a ledger-sized piece of paper.
  3. Take up as a class to co-construct the criteria for the assignment. What makes a quality site for a musician?
  4. Brainstorm tools to use for your project.

Musician Sites

Bio Break Down

In groups of three:

  1. Every seven minutes travel to a station with example biographies. Each station represents a different genre of music.
  2. Using the template, identify the elements included in each biography and organize them on the template, i.e., in which paragraph should you, generally, find these elements? Note any differences between biographies and genres, and note them on the template.
  3. Take up as a class to co-construct the criteria for the assignment.
  • Promotional language
  • First paragraph should be able to stand alone (and be the same as your short bio). *WhatWouldDrakeDo?

**Create and hand in a Biography Planning Chart with your rough and good copies of the biography assignment.

Editing Tips

Finished writing your bio? Here are a few tips for editing, including self-editing :

  1. Check your work four times, comparing what you’ve written with each category of the rubric. Start with Knowlege, then move to Thinking, then Communication.
  2. Have a peer edit your work, but make sure your peer is aware of the criteria we co-constructed.
  3. Read your work out loud. In addition, have someone read your bio out loud for you and listen to how it sounds.
  4. Look at other musician's biographies.
  5. Before you submit, read your bio backwards one word at a time to catch typos. Then read it again backwards one sentence at a time.
  6. Change the size and font of your text and read it one more time before submitting.
  7. Use grammar and spellcheck on Google Docs and Word. I will often use both as each programme catches different errors.

Hand in

  1. Your biography planning chart
  2. Your rough copy
  3. Your good copy of the bio

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