By: Emma Wilcher and Samantha Beirne


The capital of Colombia is Bogotá.


The population is 48.32 million people.
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Significance of the Flag

The yellow in the Colombian flag represents the gold that is found in the land. The ocean on their coast is represented by the blue. The red represents the blood that was spilt for Colombia's independence in 1810.


Colombia uses Colombian Pesos. One United States dollar is equal to 2,532.99 pesos.


Colombia is a republic. The executive branch dominates the government structure. Juan Manuel Santos is the leader of the country.

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Colombia is located in South America. It borders many countries, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Panama.

Cultural Activities

River rafting, horseback riding in the beautiful mountains, touring the many cities by bike, soccer, and karaoke are common and enjoyable ways that the Colombians spend their time. They also do a lot of community service.


Bandeja Paisa is considered a traditional national dish. It is made from rice, beans, beef, plantain, chorizo, mochilla, chicharron, arepa, avocado, and fried egg.

Tourist Attractions


This is one of the most beautiful cities in not just Colombia, but all of South America. There are year round temperatures for people to enjoy at anytime.

The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is absolutely breath-taking. A tour can be arranged in Leticia, the capital of Colombia's Amazonas region.

La Candelaria in Bogota

This area is filled with history, many of the streets have plaques that remind you of all of the history that Colombia has to offer. Also, you can visit the Museo de Oro ( Gold Museum ) that displays the largest collection of pre-Hispanic gold work.

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