Research Project!

Jack Hembree


The nervous system is amazing, but do you know what it is?I hope you learn something new today!

Information about the nevous system!

What is the nervous system? The nervous system is the system in our bodies that regulates the functions of our internal organs. In other words it's a network of cells that tells the parts of the body what to do. It's like the telephone lines of a body.
You may also ask how the system works, and if you want to learn about the nervous system. You will need to know how it works. Well, the nerve cells in your bodyuse little electric waves to communicate. The waves start at the brain and move down along the path until they get to the part.
The nervous system is big, so you will also need to know the parts of it. The two parts are the central and peripheral systems. The central system is made up of the brain and the spinal cord. The peripheral system is composed of all the nerves found throughout the body.
In case you do not know this piece of information. I will go ahead and tell you anyways. Well, the nervous system is the main directing system in the human body. And really, it's not hard to figure that out because the nervous system (brain) is like the nucleus of the human body.
Last, I'm going to tell you a little fun fact about the nervous system. I've been telling you all about how it works, but know I'm going to tell you just how well it works. The nervous system is so fast it can direct other systems (in this case muscles) in less than two seconds!! that's about 200 miles per hour!


I really hope you learned something while reading! And, by the way, the one and only reason you were able to read this was because of the nervous system.
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