Hi, my name is Laine Morgan:)

"Never let anyone tell you who you are; be yourself"!!!

Getting to know...

Hi, my name is Laine Morgan, and I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am 25 years old. I was raised in Long Beach, Ca. all my life. So ,this recent move to start anew was fresh and pretty easy. I've been out here in Las Vegas going on 2 years. Previously, I attended Cal. State Dominguez Hills after high school and lived on campus; was a bit overwhelmed. I needed more time to know what I wanted, and eventually family issues arose.

Later, went to Cypress College for License Psychiatric Technician was denied the program due to a traffic ticket-(alcohol in vehicle). So, my idea of working with the Psych wards and etc. failed for patients security purposes.

Now, since June 2013 I started with my online degree in Applied Behavioral Science. I chose this degree because I wanted to be aware of human behavioral patterns & the cause it has on families, and people. I currently was diagnosed with PTSD, and I wanted to learn more, in eventually becoming a Behavioral Therapist. As I take these courses I learn so much I never knew from my childhood and realize that its been studied and talked about. This helps me understand my condition and become aware. My background is not picture perfect; so I found it hard to have support and role models.

I have learned that with will and perseverance any thing is possible. "Bad associations destroy useful habits". This is what I've come to realize.

Good Luck with the course & your future endeavors...

  • "I look forward to a wonderful thought provoking class experience"- LM
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