Keis's Bucket list

April 24 2015

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Hawaii Beaches

I would want to go to Hawaii because the beaches are so amazing the physical weathering is caused by water and the water hits up against the rocks and erodes it into sand. I would go to Hawaii with my mom dad and brother.
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Amazon Rain Forest

I also want o go to the Amazon Rain Forest because i love animals and the atmosphere is amazing. The physical weathering is caused by the waterfall and it hit the ground and erodes it into a pond. I would bring my brother.
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Cape Town~Africa

Cape town~ Africa is a beautiful city with a bunch of animals such as lions and rhinos. The animals stomp around causing physical erosion because by stomping they pick up dirt and carry it to different places. I would go to cape town with my best friends.
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Fiji Scuba Diving

I would go scuba diving off the coast of Fiji Islands, because i like swimming and fish. When you go underwater the water rubs against the coral reefs, and you can see different parts of the coral reef on the sea bottom and that is physical erosion. i would take my family.
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Hiking in San Diego

I like hiking and San Diego is the perfect place to do it because in San Diego there is perfect weather. The wind is the force of weathering and it erodes at the side of the mountains, and over time the mountain will erode away. I would go hiking with my family.