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October 2015

Science Matters in the Library

Third grade reviewed their their knowledge of properties of matter by completing eight different stations in the library.

At the stations, the students drew and described examples of different states of matter using the Skitch app, reviewed vocabulary by scanning QR codes, identified and classified items in jars, labeled items on a worksheet, used the Pebble Go database about matter, used Brittanica online to try an educational matter game, read an ebook and identified nonfiction text features and even performed an experiment,

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Lucas Miller, The Singing Zoologist

The entire campus enjoyed a visit from the singing zoologist, Lucas Miller.

Once described as “Dr. Doolittle, Bruce Springsteen, and Robin Williams all rolled up in one," Lucas performs for about 80,000 children annually at schools, libraries, and family events throughout the nation. He delights children and parents alike with his dynamic stage presence and songs like “The Anaconda La Bamba,” “A Snake’s NOT Slimy” and “Gotta Take Care of the Hive.”

Prior to his visit, the students were able to preview his books and enjoy his DVD's.

To see more about Lucas Miller go to

Kinder Storytime

The kinder students had a great time hearing the story "Big Pumpkin". The students then created their own coffee filter mummies based on a character from the story.

Literary Pumpkin Contest

Each year the library sponsors a classroom literary pumpkin decorating contest. The judges had an extremely difficult time choosing the winner this year. First place was a repeat winner from Mrs. Ondrias' class with their entry of Elephant and Piggie. Second place went to Mrs. Villarreal's class for their character Dex and third place was from Ms. Allen's class with their creation of Rainbow Fish. First place won an extra recess with the librarian and second and third got and extra special story time.

Teachers Never Stop Learning

During a faculty meeting, the teachers attending a session on the multitude of digital resources library services provides to support their instruction and curriculum. The teachers also made a folder with a QR code to an ebook that goes with their upcoming curriculum.

Library Information

  • 3,107 total items were checked out.
  • Check outs by grade level PK-222, K-362,1st-407, 2nd-899, 3rd-275, 4th-362, 5th-496, staff-84
  • 115 Overdrive ebook check outs
  • 385 individual walk ins
  • 68 lessons were taught. Lessons were taught on life cycles, animal adaptations and properties of matter.
  • 32 classes came in for check out only.

Upcoming Events

  • Book Fair Nov. 2-7
  • Fall Break Reading Challenge

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