Polar Bears

Describe Polar Bears.

Polar bears have a very beautiful soft looking fur. Their fur is a yellowish-white fur that covers black skin. Polar bears are very large, adult males range from 7.5 to 8.5 long. Males sometimes weigh more than 1300 pounds, but females weigh about 330 to 550. Also female polar bears are about 6.5 feet long. Polar bears have very thick skin and layers of fat that protect them from the cold. Also polar bears have short furry ears, with a long neck.

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How are polar bears born? How does the mother care for it's young?

Polar bears are born between the months of November and January. The mother and cubs do not leave the den they are born in until about late March. Usually mothers are pregnant for about eight months before giving birth to the cub. Mother polar bears are very protective of their cubs. Most mothers even put their own life at stake to protect their cubs. The first few weeks after the cubs are born they stay very close to their mother to stay warm and nurse most of the time.

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How do polar bear get their food? What do they eat?

Most polar bears eat seals to survive. Polar bears kill seals close to their dens in the spring. At other times of the year when seals come up to breath, they are killed for food. Polar bears eat many things other than seals though such as berries, grass, ducks, geese and many other things.

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Where do polar bears live, and what are some of their habits?

Polar bears mainly live in the north where the sea freezes in the winter. Polar bears usually occupy regions around the Northern Coast. . Usually polar bears sleep for around 8 hours at a time but takes many naps. Also polar bears are known for their slow walking pace. Polar bears are only able to run for short distances this is because they can overheat.

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Who are polar bears enemies, and how do they defend themselves?

Polar bears are their own enemies. Where polar bears live they are the top of their food chain so they only prey against their own type. This is because polar bears are very aggressive when it comes to mating. Another predator that polar bears have are people. Polar bears defend themselves by their sharp teeth.

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