REWARD $120,000,000

Description- Helical, with an inner and outer membrane and a flexible cell wall, plus a flagella located between the two membranes.

Organism's M.O.- The bacteria is spread through deer tick bites, after a bite the bacteria flows through the fluids of it's victim and burrows itself into the victims various tissues.

Victims- Lyme disease usually goes after dogs and then transfers itself over to the human owners.

What You Need to Know

Common Hide Out, Symptoms, and Level of Danger to the Public

Most commonly found on the East Coast, the Great Lakes, and the Pacific Northwest.

Symptoms- Rash around area of tick bite, arthritis, nervous system problems, and sometimes memory loss.

Level of Danger to the Public- 7 out of 10

An average of 30,000 cases of Lyme Disease reported per year

Prevention and Treatment

Dogs can get the vaccine every year.

The best form of prevention is to cover up when walking through wooded areas.

If you do contract Lyme Disease there are several antibiotics that are available.