Tech Tip Tuesday Edition 26

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YouTube Is a Powerful Content Delivery Tool

YouTube is so much more than music videos and clips of animals doing tricks. It contains engaging, informative content at all levels. Below are simple tutorials to harness the power of YouTube to engage and deliver content.

Create Playlists to Sort & Share Videos to Students

YouTube can be a vast space to explore, so why not guide students to a collection of videos that will directly help them with current content or topics? Playlists are easy to create and can be seamlessly shared with students. Simply sign into YouTube with your district Google Account and begin curating content.
How To Make A Playlist On YouTube (2022)

YouTube's Closed Captioning Can Enhance Comprehension

The main reason to use closed captions is to make your content accessible, yet this isn't the only reason. A survey commissioned by Verizon showed that 80% of those using closed captions aren’t deaf or hard of hearing. See the other reasons it can be used:

  • As a learning tool to aid in retention and comprehension. Reading triggers different parts of the brain than listening and can help viewers engage more deeply with the content.
  • To “hear” what’s going on. 69% of people watch video without sound in public places and 25% do the same in private places.
  • To understand speakers with quiet voices and accents. Captions allow viewers to read along with the spoken word, which can clarify hard-to-understand dialogue.
  • To aid those who speak English as a second language. Many foreign language learners find it easier to read a new language than to understand the spoken word or even listen in English and read in their native language.
How to Turn on Captions in YouTube
Strategies For Implementing YouTube in Google Classroom

Learn more about how YouTube can enhance your classroom environment and delivery of content by clicking the red button above.

YouTube Pairs Seamlessly With Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows you to search and add YouTube videos embedded into an assignment. When students click on the video, it plays inside Google Classroom. This means if you are blocking YouTube open surfing through the use of GoGuardian scene filters, you can still post a video to Google Classroom and students can watch it. This is a great feature to keep kids viewing videos relevant to your course material.
Google Classroom - Preview and Add YouTube Videos
Creating Scenes in GoGuardian to Manage YouTube Viewing

For more information how to manage screen monitoring and YouTube viewing with GoGuardian click the red button above.

Unlock Even More Features With These 20 Tricks & Tips

Click the image below to read about how to do everything from creating your own custom YouTube channel, to adding creative effect, to sharing videos that start at a specific time.

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