By: Zlata Filipovic

Dear Mimmy, I'm trying to concentrate so that i can do my homework, but i simply can't. something is going on in town. you can hear gunfire from the hills. columns of people are spreading out from Dobrinja. They're trying to stop something, but they themselves don't know what.

Zlata's Diary is about a young girl named Zlata who lived in Sarajevo, and her diary that got published. She wrote in her diary from 1991-1993. At the beginning, her life is just like every other child. Then, after a couple of days, there is rumors about war and death but no one believes that it will actually happen. Later, it does and Zlata now it taken from her childhood. Her friends either die or leave and she is left my herself and her family. There is heavy shelling, and shooting everyday and she hates the way she is living now. Zlata isn't able to go to school either anymore because of the risk of being shot. Her family is usually left with no electricity and frequently has to go down to their seller underneath their apartment complex. All of her family and friends are leaving Sarajevo, but her family isn't able to because Zlata's dad has to stay. After a year of war, she learns that her diary is going to be published.

Genre and Theme

Theme: Enjoy your childhood because Zlata had her childhood taken away from her and she wished the entire rest of the story that things could go back to the way they were.

Genre: Autobiography


1. What did you enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed that it was written as a diary and it showed how a real girl reacts to war.

2. Describe the author's writing style.

Zlata's writing style was obviously how you write in a diary. The date was a date at the top and then text under the date.

3. What interesting or note able facts do you know about the author?

Zlata was born December 3, 1980. The first date she wrote in her diary was September 20, 1991. She lived in Sarajevo, which is located in is located close to the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina in southeastern Europe.

4. Would you recommend this book?

I would definitely recommend this book because it was very interesting learning about the war in Sarajevo. it was also cool being able to hear the perspective of a young girl during a war.