Mechanical Reaper

History ethan rice

who is the inventer

Cyrus Hall McCormik

How does the invention work

A two wheeled horse drawn charriot that was equiped with a vibrating cutting blade, to bring the grain within its reach, and a plat form for the falling grain.

What is the purpose of the invention

To make farmers life easier and also so they wouldnt have to hire so much labour.

Where did the invention occur

Chicago, Illonois United States Of America.

When did the invention occur


Why was there a need for this invention

Because harvestin required a large amount of laboures if they could be found and the cost of hiring them was high.

Why is this in vention important

Be cause it support alot of people with alot of wheat in a short amount of time compared to when they did not have the Mecahanical Reaper.
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