Where do I Go

Is online college as effective as traditional college?


The start of online education was in the 1960's it was the very first online classroom. Then it was new and exciting now it is everyday. But is it the right choice.

Certain people say that online college is more convenient and flexible therefore better. However traditional college has less dropouts, and better grades compared to online.

The Alarming Rates of Failures, late Assignments, and Withdrawls of Online College Compared to those of Traditional College

Did you know that the failure rate for online students in 2001 was 100% higher on tests and assignments when comparing the failure rates of, the traditional campus student records. Also online college has a 20% withdrawl rate while traditional college has a 10% rate. Plus the rate of late assignments of online college is 25% when traditional colleges rate is 5%. that is a huge diffrence.

You Dont Develop Any Life Skills

Online classes usually require little to no face to face interaction resulting in little or no interpersonal skills that students need. Online students would also have the ability to cheat on tests because they could use their book or just Google the answers so, they would not be memorizing the subject for when they might need the information. And last the lack of motivation online college produces, online classes may motivate you to get a degree but not to really learn while, having debates and class discussions with unique and colorful professors motivates students to develop their own opinions and ideas.


To Much Time on the Computer

Most people have a Facebook, Twitter or some other social media type thing that they spend time on and most people spend quite some time on them. And adding on time to complete classes can be a lot of time on the computer and if you spend to much time on the computer. These are things that could happen if you spend to much time on the computer,.... it can decrease your eyesight, can also make you develop RSI. (RSI~ Repetitive Stress Injury is a condition , characterized by arm or wrist pains, that can affect musicians computer operators, etc., who habitually preform awkward hand movements.) It can also cause back pain.