A Box of Chocolates

By: Mike D. Jones

A Little Look at Me

I like to think of myself as someone that grabs life by the horns and just enjoys the ride. I am a current student at Ball State University studying Mathematical Sciences with a concentration in secondary education. I am twenty-two years old with a passion to influence the world. I am a crazy summer camp counselor in the summer time and an embracing scholar during the academic year. I would also consider myself to be a unique individual, because being normal is boring.
This web page displays a number of different things that, I believe, explain me pretty well. I will warn you, though, some things are pretty random; but I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my box of chocolates.

The Arts

From eighth grade until now, I have gained a respect for the arts and the beauty behind them. Whether it is spoken words, the stroke of a pen or brush, or the pluck of a string; I am always intrigued by the beauty behind of the finished product.

Below is a piece of poetry, written by Daniel Beaty, that has a lot of power behind its meaning.
Russell Simmons presents Def Poetry Jam - Knock Knock
Art of my own:
These six pieces are items that I have drawn or captured myself. The three above are from my Junior year of high school when I had a concentration on fonts and political cartoons. The three below are photos I took my Senior year of high school. My concentration then was to express a worms eye view of the world.
Hip Hop Cello Beatbox Julie-O
Music with a twist:
Not only do I love music in itself, but I love when artists put their own twist on typical pieces. Both of these videos are composers putting their own twist on music and creating something spectacular.
The Hobbit - Misty Mountains - Jun Sung Ahn & Peter Hollens Violin/A Cappella Cover

Greek Life

In my five semesters at Purdue University, I became a member of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Pi Kappa Alpha, also known as Pike, holds a legacy of acquiring men with great character and integrity. The fraternity is established on four main pillars; scholars, leaders, athletes, gentlemen. My involvement with this organization has influenced me to become a respectable member of society.

Camp Tecumseh YMCA

I have worked at Camp Tecumseh since the summer of 2013 and I think that it is the greatest place on Earth. I am a resident counselor for ten weeks in the summer and I also work weekends for the retreats department. I also took a semester off and worked in their Outdoor Education program. Camp Tecumseh offers a lot to all of its visitor and is a perfect place to accommodate a number of purposes. The program areas that are offered throughout the year include; rock climbing, boating, a shooting and archery range, a zip-line and candle making. So whether you're there for an educational trip or just to relax and have fun, Camp Tecumseh is the place to do it. It is an amazing place with incredible people.

The Potential Future

I hope to someday become a Middle School or High School math teacher. This occupation has been a desire of mine for quite some time now and it has taken a lot of work so, but it has been worth it every step of the way. My goal is the motivate and inspire my students and allow them to realize the opportunities that they have along with the one that they can create.
Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
These videos mean a lot to me because they resemble my views on education and life. Sir Ken Robinson explains the importance of creative thinking within the classroom and how the education system is causing students to lose an abstract thought process. Kid President gives a "pep talk" to both teachers and students over the importance of being involved and actively pursuing your own education.
Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!