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  • Resource Spotlight: How to Ace an Interview

Career Expo

  • Are you a student or recent graduate looking for a job or internship? Investigate numerous opportunities at an upcoming career expo in Leesburg

Resume Tips

  • Check out a few quick tips to get the most out of this important document

MALMAD Symposium

  • Learn more about Saturday's event, which invites distinguished speakers representing a variety of careers, including education and human services

Hanover Research Freelance Opportunity

  • Looking for part-time work? Hanover Research is looking for highly qualified individuals to support ongoing market research projects in the Higher Education

Internship Funding

  • The good news? You've found a killer internship. The bad news? It doesn't pay. Learn how you can fund unpaid internships through Tribe Careers
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Resource Spotlight: Acing the Interview

A well-crafted resume and cover letter got you in the door, but how do you seal the deal in the interview? The Cohen Career Center's "Interview Resources" page is full of useful information on how to make a strong first impression. Some aspects of interviewing to consider:

  • Questions to consider asking in your interview
  • Researching the company's mission and values
  • What to wear? We've got you covered with our Dress to Impress closet!
  • Remember the nonverbals (eye contact, solid handshake, etc.)
  • Take time to say, "thanks!"

Leesburg Career Expo!

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Resume Tips

Resume writing can be stressful, but keeping these quick tips in mind can help reduce the stress and improve your chances of landing an interview:

  • Keep the format clean, well-organized, and easy-to-read; use clear labels
  • Tailor your resume to the skills and experiences most desirable to the employer
  • Don't forget the value of extracurricular experience (clubs, orgs, sports teams, etc.)
  • In bulleted descriptions, be specific and point to the results of your work
  • Use strong action verbs to start your descriptions
  • Build your own resume, but view samples for inspiration
  • Visit the Cohen Career Center during quick advising hours for a resume review

MALMAD Symposium!

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Hanover Research Freelance Opportunity

Who They Are: Hanover Research is looking for highly qualified individuals to support ongoing market research projects in the Higher Education sector. Ideal candidates will be current graduate students in education or humanities fields. This is an opportunity to gain on-the-ground research experience for one of the leading market research firms in the country, and to help make a tangible impact on higher education operations.

What It Is: The Hanover Content Network (HCN) is a network of individuals who complete project work (typically 30-40 hours per project) on an ad hoc basis. Project timelines range from 1 to 4 weeks. Most work is focused on evaluating the market for different kinds of degree programs, and involves light data analysis and synthesis of secondary source material.

How It Works: Available contract work is posted to an online site, and participants bid for projects that match their expertise and availability. To become a member of the network, you will need to participate in a brief online training session, facilitated by Hanover’s Learning & Development Team, and complete a short written assessment.

To Apply: Contact Allyson Grennille, Managing Content Director at Hanover Research, at Emails should include your full name, current degree program and institution, and contact details (email and phone).

F.U.S.E. Internship Funding

If you've found an internship you're excited about, but you're unsure how to fund your unpaid internship experience, we're here to help!

Simply log-in to Tribe Careers and use the left menu to navigate to the "W&M Jobs and Internships" tab. Next to "All Position Types" on the database menu, you'll find a "F.U.S.E. Funding" tab. Clicking this option will reveal a list of scholarship opportunities from departments across campus that you can apply for right through Tribe Careers.

Deadline to apply: Friday, April 14 at 2:59 p.m.

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