Wonderful Waterspouts

By Emily Hershberger and Molli Powers

How is a Waterspout formed?

waterspout are formed when a center of low air pressure causes wind to whirl, forming rotating cloud. Inside of the cloud is a rotating column of air. When the bottom touches down, it sucks up surface water. When their is a waterspout some smoke is created but it s really a cloud. A waterspout is an intense columnar mass of whirling fluid or air usually appearing as a funnel shape cloud that occurs over a body of water, over a cumulonimbus cloud.

Fun Facts

A waterspout is like a tornado but it swirls over a big body of water.

When a waterspout hits land it becomes a tornado.

Make Sure You Stay Safe And Stay Away From The Area There In

Safe and Sound

If you are in the water never try to navigate a waterspout. It could do damage to you and your boat because its in the middle of the ocean. If your near water and the waterspout hits land go to your basement because once it hits land its a tornado.

Oh Where Oh Where is a WaterSpout

A waterspout is found in warm humid air over a large body of water, like an ocean or a lake. They happen many times in Florida Keys and The Great Plains.