Where I Stand

Issues in Markham relating to Road Services

'Where I Stand' is one of the most unique flyers in Markham. We include issues and ideas people from the town of Markham have. In this month's issue, we have 3 main topics including; Road Maintenance, Bus and Transit, and Parking Control.

Roads Maintenance

Fixing and cleaning up roads are very important to a city. Good roads enhance the economic conditions and also facilitate the flow of traffic which results in fewer accidents. But everything that comes with good, comes with bad. Here are some concerns citizens of Markham have about Roads Maintenance:

  • traffic is created
  • construction takes up road space
  • construction takes too long
  • roads do not always get better
  • commuting time takes longer
road maintenance causes heavy traffic 1 of 2

The citizens of Markham have discussed these concerns. They like the idea of fixing roads; but to decrease the amount of problems, they have agreed that construction workers should get the job done in a shorter amount of time. Rather than taking months, they should spread the job out in weeks or even days. Also, they can schedule the job to be done over non-rush hours.

Bus and Transit

Having efficient ways to get around in a city are well-needed due to the fact that many people do not have their own cars or are incapable of driving. Some concerns the citizens of Markham have about Bus and Transit are:

  • construction of bus routes
  • creates tons of traffic
  • too many buses on the roads at once
  • many buses not in service on roads, taking up space
  • cost of the infrastructure
  • how many people actually benefit from the transit
VIVA NovaBus LFX at Finch bus terminal.
The citizens of Markham have discussed these concerns. They like the idea of having buses since it is partially 'going green'. People of Markham have decided that buses who are not in service should immediately go back to the work station to reduce the amount of car build up on the roads. Also, building a complete and sophisticated public transit system would require a lot of money and time. Markham citizens are concerned that this would be funded by raising taxes and the time it takes to see the actual benefit.

Parking Control

Everyone needs to park their car one way or another. The government has designed places for you to park, such as a parking lot or even parking spaces on the roads. There are also handicapped spots for people who are unable to move. Some concerns the town of Markham has about Parking Control are:

  • not enough parking spaces, which lead to parking tickets
  • fees on where to park
  • too many handicapped parking spaces
  • illegal parking
Citizens of Markham brought up some concerns about not being able to find parking as easily as they would like and as a result, cars are sitting unused on the street for a long period of time. People circle the block cruising for parking which angers drivers, increases traffic congestion, and air pollution. One easy way to solve the parking problem is to make more available spaces, but this sometimes may not be feasible. As a longer time solution, we can construct more parking garages which can house a lot more cars than the on street parking.