Welcome to Quarter 2!

Mrs. King's Study Skills Class


Welcome back to Quarter 2! I am Ms. King and I am your Study Skills teacher this quarter. Some of you have already been in my class last year so welcome back! For my new students, I'm looking forward to getting to know each of you and helping you achieve your learning goals.


You have been automatically added to my class teams according to the class period you have been assigned for my class. If you have not been added to a team, please let me know as soon as possible. I have gone through my roster and double checked to make sure I have everyone, but mistakes happen, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you are not in one of my Teams.

Important information about our teams:

At Virtual School House there are two Resource Room teachers, myself and Kleber Almeida. We will be working together to provide extra academic support in English, Math, Social Studies and Science. To facilitate that, we will be adding our students manually to our TEAMS that are not actually scheduled in a class period with us. Students will then be invited to help sessions to the core classes that they are enrolled in. Those sessions will be mandatory. If you are invited to a help session or a team with Mr. Almeida, please accept those. We have arranged our sessions in a way that they will not conflict with the live sessions for the core classes. However, we are human and do make errors, so if you are finding that one of our help sessions is conflicting with a live session for another class, please let us know immediately.

The class period is 90 minutes long and during that time we will work on IEP goals, class work, organization, and I will have small group help sessions scheduled as well for your other classes.

Attendance is based on you showing up to the live sessions of my class. If you don't join the meeting, you will be marked absent.

It is crucial that you are online and ready to work during school hours. Have your laptop/computer/tablet on and connected to TEAMS. If you don't join the meeting, I will call you in. If after 3 attempts you don't respond you will be marked absent.

For the students that are not attending the live sessions, I will e-mail parents on Wednesday and Friday to make them aware of the situation.

Parents, make sure you have your current e-mail and phone number listed in PowerSchool.

There is no reason why you should struggle in any of your classes. I am here to help you no matter the question you may have in any of your classes. Please ask. Send me an e-mail or call me. My contact info is at the bottom of this welcome letter.

Your success is my priority, and I will find time to help you. If I don't have an answer for your question, I will talk to other teachers and ask until I find an answer.

Based on the previous school year and first quarter observations, students that attend their meetings regularly are able to keep up with their classes and be successful.


Grading for this class is based on showing up for assigned class times and participation. Participation means you are working and progressing in your Gen Ed classes, completing your work toward your IEP goals, doing assigned goals testing, and coming to the help sessions. Simple as that!


I am here for you. I know you probably have a lot of people that say that to you, but I truly am here for you. If you need help with understanding some of your work in your other classes, or you just need someone to talk to, please let me know. I will be checking your grades and checking in with each of you often to make sure you have what you need. I want you to feel successful and that you have someone on your side.

I will have the help of our wonderful paraprofessional again this quarter. Her name is Mrs. Michaelson and I will be having her assist with some of the academic help for some of you this quarter.

Please note: Since this is a Virtual School, communication via email or Teams is VERY important. If I don't hear from you for a while, I will have to start reaching out either via your parents or through our admin. I would rather not have to do that. So, please make sure you are attending your assigned class times and responding to emails/Teams messages.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and helping you succeed this year!

Attendance for Core and Elective Classes

VSH (Virtual School House) has a flexible schedule where students can attend our live class sessions or watch the recorded sessions. If a student chooses to attend the recorded sessions, there will be an exit ticket for accountability reasons.

Attendance is based on two elements:

1) Attending live lessons or watching class recordings and completing the exit ticket

2) Work completion

Beginning with Quarter 2, VSH 6 – 12 teachers will be taking attendance daily and monitoring coursework completion. If a student is not in a live class, they will be marked absent. Students have seven (7) days to watch the recordings and complete the exit ticket along with the required assignments. If this is done within the seven (7) days, the absence will be changed to Present.

Great news -- VSH will have an attendance line for parents to call their students out for the day beginning on Monday, October 25, 2021. The attendance line number is: 208-855-4456.

Bell Schedule

This is the link to our bell schedule this year. We no longer have remote Mondays. We do, however, have a slightly later start on Wednesdays.


I am the mother of 4 great kids. My older two are married and have brought equally wonderful people into our family. My younger two are in middle and high school at Sage International School of Boise. I am a native Idahoan, grew up in Boise, and have always lived in the Treasure Valley. Aside from teaching, I love spending time with my kids, traveling (this has truly become a passion), making cakes, and all things related to summer! This is my 3rd year of teaching and my 2nd year with West Ada School District. I was a substitute teacher in the Boise School District for 2 years while studying for my certification. I was late in coming to this career, but have wanted to teach since I was a little girl. I'm so thankful to be finally making my dream a reality! It is truly an honor to be a small part of your lives.