Surfing Pilgrimage

The Hunnas take the waves

Why are we doing this?

If you didn't already know Allison and I are best friends. The reason we have decided to embark on such an adventure is because I will be traveling away to college and I know I wont be able to see her as much as I want so why not do this together. I will be traveling to the University Of North Carolina for nursing and Allison still has one more year left of high school. Surfing can bring out the best in you I personally feel.


We will be splitting these expenses in half so its equal for everyone. Getting around our area we will be longboarding!


Kansas to California: Approximately 1,538.8 miles. Roughly $97.03

California to North Carolina: Approximately 2,649.5 miles. Roughly $141.05

North Carolina to Florida: Approximately 656.1 miles. Roughly $49.51


Florida to Hawaii: Approximately 4,644 miles. Roughly $364.5

Grand Total: $652.09 Each


Allison and i will be staying in a hotel by the beach everytime that we travel. We will be staying in each location for about a week. The prices are already at a 7 day price.

North Carolina: $227.5 Each

California: $668.50 Each

Florida: $375.00 Each

Hawaii: $367.50 Each

Extra Cost

Allison will need a surfboard... So the typical price of a surfboard is roughly $500 for a decent board. Mine is at my grandparents house so buying wax for each of our boards will approximately add up to about $10.00 for the whole trip. We will also probably spend sometime shopping ranging from 100-200 each trip to buy new things.

Extra cost total:

Shopping: $800

Allison's Board: 500

Necessities: 10.00