Advertising Techniques

Avante Garde & Facts and Figures

By: Karim Hilal 7-1

Facts and Figures

In this technique companies use specifications to prove that their product is better than others. This can be used in many different ways, you could simply state "0-60 in 4 seconds"

or "Now 30% thinner". Many companies use this technique to try to make their competitors seem inferior to them.

Here are some examples of this technique:

1.Samsung wireless charging on Galaxy Note5 & S6+ Edge:

In that ad Samsung shows off the wireless charging capabilities of the Galaxy Note5 & S6+ Edge. It is very short showing the phones being charged throughout most of the ad, but then at the end it states "Time to let go, Built-in Wireless Charging, Not a Phone It's a Galaxy" The Samsung logo then appears. The ad is saying that you should buy a Galaxy because of the wireless charging capabilities.

It’s Not a Phone, It’s a Galaxy: Wireless Charging
2.Samsung galaxy S6 & S6 Edge:

In this ad the entire first half is shots of the S6 & S6 Edge being used, while text on the screen shows off features. At 1:50 however, text on the screen states "Worlds first 14nm mobile processor 64 bit architecture / LPDDR4 memory" showing off the processing power of the phone, and the size of the actual processor. Saying that the processor is so powerful you should get the phone for the power alone.

New Samsung Galaxy S6 Commercial

3.Galaxy S7 Edge:

For the most part of this ad, a voiceover is explaining how water is so important in our daily lives, and how it's everywhere. But then, at 0:55 the voiceover says " The new water-resistant Galaxy S7 Edge" showing off it's water-resistant capabilities which other competitor's phones such as Apple's iPhone don't have. Which would make the consumer want to get a Galaxy S7 Edge so that they don't have to be as careful with it.

Galaxy S7: Water

Avante Garde

In the advertising technique 'Avante Garde' companies try to get you to think that by having their product, you're ahead of your time, or try to make you want to be the first to have something. E.g. "Be the first in your neighborhood to have ________".

Here are some examples of this technique:

1. Knox Jewelers Heirloom Ad:

In this ad the company 'Knox Jewelry' shows off their new Heirlooms. It's a simple white background, with a picture of 3 Heirlooms. Above is text saying "Be The First to wear an Heirloom". Below is the company name "Knox Jewelry " , below that is the website "". As you can see, the ad simply plants the idea in your mind that by being the first to have one, you would be better in a way.

Big image
2.Honda Trail 90 Ad:

This is an old ad for the motorcycle called 'The Honda Trail 90'

It is not the best quality so the only thing you can read is "Be the First in your Forest to Get One" and "The New Honda Trail 90". They try to make you want to be the first, so you could do things like show off because you'd be the only person with one. We can't really go into detail because that's all you can read.

Big image
3.Pepsi Perfect Ad (not real):

In this ad it shows a bottle of 'Pepsi Perfect' with the words "The Future Is Now' so they are trying to make you think that by drinking 'Pepsi Perfect' you would be put ahead of your time or that it is itself ahead of its time.

Big image