Lindbergh Baby

Erika Guerrero 5th period

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Charles and Anne Lindbergh a famous perfect family of aviators.Yet their perfect story book was torn apart with the kidnapping of their 20 month old baby Charles Lindbergh lll.
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The day of...

On March 21 the Lindberghs were at home in Hopewell, New Jersey.Betty Gow the nurse of Charles found the baby missing from his crib in replace there was a note.The note demanded 50,00 dollars in exchange for their baby. During the case 10 notes were received they knew it was from the same person because of a mysterious symbol of a red circle with holes on it.

The room had hints direction with foot prints of mud and the lader used to get to the second floor window.

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The family got restless trying to find their son and soon accepted to pay 70,000 dollars to get their son back. Dr John F Condon offered himself to help be the middle man and help give the money to the kidnappers..Condon at the first meeting heard the kidnapper with a German accent he also found out the man went by the name john.Once the money was exchanged they got a note back stating where their son would be.It stated the baby would be in a boat called Nelly near Elizabeth island .Yet, no boat or Charles were found.
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.Baby Charles was found 4 months in the woods decomposing founded by a truck driver.Charles had head traumas believed to be the reason of his death.He was only 1 mile away from his home.
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Finding the culprit

Police wrote down the serial numbers related to the kidnapping ransom money in hope that it will make it easier to report.One day in 1934 however a gas station worker a marked bill was used to pay the worker accepted the money but, wrote down the car plates because he found it suspicious.The car plates lead to Bruno Hauptmann, a German immigrant who worked as a carpenter.In his home police officials found more labeled from the Lindberghs in equivalent to 13,000 dollars.Dr. Condon the middle man identified him as John and brought charges of extortion to Bruno.
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Was it Bruno?

Bruno went to trial on January 3, 1935 lasting a period of 5 weeks.Evidence against him was the money, the ladder and pieces of the wood in his attic that are believed to be the same used to build the ladder,and the car description.

With all that evidence against him Hauptmann was found guilty in the murder of Charles lll. Therefore,he was sentenced to death , Yet,since there was no DNA back then they tried to compare his handwriting with the one from the ransom notes which had similar characteristics .In conclusion , I believe Bruno was the culprit because of all the evidence against him.Other believed the same and, wanted the case to be over and truly though that Bruno killed Charles which lead to his death in a electrical chair in 1935 .
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