Westview ASB Newsletter

4/2 - 4/28

Spring Music Festival

With AP testing approaching, ASB wanted to create a relaxing environment that would ease some of the stress of our school’s hyper-driven students. On Monday and Tuesday students were encouraged to lay out in towels on the grass and listen to music, blow bubbles, play spike ball, hula hoop, and get free flash tattoos and henna. Thursday and Friday were festival Spirit Days-- many students took pictures in their gear with our spring-themed photo backdrops. The last two days of the week also featured a wide variety of performances from students. People were invited to enjoy popsicles and listen to everything from drum covers to a capella groups. Our goal was to lower the stress level of students during the tense week before AP testing because we know that even though it’s good to care about GPAs, sometimes you just need to kick back and enjoy a festival.

Club Rush 2017

This year's Club Rush featured a whopping 32 clubs, all eager to recruit new members. Tables featured demonstrations, trivia, and tri-fold boards decked out with information and accomplishments. All these choices could easily become overwhelming, if not for the amiability of recruiting club members. It's the students that make Westview the welcoming and inclusive environment that it is; this was something clearly displayed in Club Rush.
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Staff Appreciation Week

To thank our staff for everything they do for us, our Recognition Team pulled together a game themed Staff Appreciation Week. To kick off the week, every staff member received a personalized thank-you poster. On Wednesday, several teachers competed in Minute to Win It games, including Stack Attack and Cookie Face. We also set up the Staff Lounge with an early morning coffee cart, masseuses, and board games. On Friday, staffulty awards were given to teachers based upon student votes in categories like ‘Most Likely to Crowd Surf at a Concert’ and ‘Best Hair.’ Our staff members work tirelessly for the student body, from giving up weekends to grade papers to staying after school to help with homework. They don’t get nearly enough recognition as they deserve-- a problem that we hope to fix, starting with this Staff Appreciation Week.
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Earth Day

This Earth Day, ASB worked with ABE to promote the protection of our environment among students. We hosted an Earth-centric photo contest while ABE collected students’ pledges to advocate for environmental protection. The photo entries and the pledges were then displayed on “trees” in the plaza. ASB believes that it’s our responsibility to protect the Earth-- it does so much for us and the least we can do it keep it safe and healthy.

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Below are some winners of the photo contest!