Environmental Science-A

April 2013 Newsletter

Down to the wire!

Things to remember!

Spring Break for GAVS is over and I am back in action. Grades will be updated from the last Orange Friday which as Mar. 29th. Those grades will be updated by April 9th.

We have 5 weeks of school left. This is not an End-of-Course Test (EOCT). Our final exam for this class will be accessible on May 8th and access will close on May 9th at midnight. The last day of school is May 10th.

Things to remember as we get “down to the wire” and students must do the following:

1.Turn in assignments on time so you do not lose points.

2. Participate in the live chats ( Every Thursday 7pm-8pm).

3. Review Group Enrollment Schedule daily.

4. Access the course daily from here on out.

5. Give yourself a daily goal for this course and follow it.

6. Review past assignments that will help you put together your biome project. Do not reinvent the wheel if you do not have to.

Did you know??

Chat sessions every Thursdays from 7PM-8PM.

Students are highly encouraged to attend or play the recording of the weekly sessions. Each week, a new item is posted about the topics that are being discussed in the chats. Chat sessions are a great time to ask questions about the course. Students can also get extra credit points for attending, participating, and playing the recorded chats. Review the Jan 22nd News Item posted on the home page for further details. Please encourage your student to participate in the chats.

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