Heart Shaped Loose Diamonds

Thinking of an unquestionable symbol of love for your lover? If you are seeking to re-affirm your dedicated love to that one person you adore then heart shaped loose diamonds will do the trick any time. These types of diamonds are best used in rings and pendants giving you an option of what to select as a gift.

While these diamonds make the best gifts it is important to make sure that you pick the very best. It is very easy to end up with a fake diamond especially because of wrong symmetry; the two halves need to be identical. Ensure you confirm that the cleft joining either side is distinctly sharp and the wings should also be round. Most heart shaped diamonds are large in size since achieving the right symmetry for smaller diamonds is difficult especially when it comes to setting the prongs in place.

There are different silhouettes for heart shaped diamonds from the fattest to the narrow ones and only personal preference should influence your choice. This said there are some general aspects that need to be factored in besides your taste. The length and width ratio of heart shaped loose diamonds is an important consideration. Pendants require these diamonds to be slightly narrow as compared to the wider solitaire rings need. It is available to go for certified diamonds that give precise information on the specifications of each stone piece.

The color and clarity of a diamond are subjective. Customer preferences may vary with some buyers preferring warm colors and others willing to go over board and pay a premium fee for the colorless diamonds. Clarity standards are also dependent on what customers want with some settling for nothing but the flawless diamond.

They say what counts is not the gift but the thought behind it. This is not necessarily true especially when picking jewelry for a woman. Get her heart shaped loose diamonds and find out how the gift holds more value in this case.

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