Mrs. Stewart's Classroom News

September 16, 2016

Well That Was Fast!

It is hard to believe we have already passed the halfway point through the first quarter! My students have been very busy during out Native American Unit and have created lovely Kachina Dolls, Dream Catchers, Totem Poles, and Parfleche Bags while learning about the Eastern Woodland, Great Plains, Southwestern, Great Basin, and Pacific Northwest Native Americans. Thank you to those parents who donated paper towel tubes for our Totem Pole projects :)

Upcoming Learning Objectives

Math - Adding, Subtracting, and Estimating numbers through the 100,000's place.

Reading - Studying characters internal and external traits and looking at characters internal motivations.

Writing - Creating fictional characters and writing a narrative story about our characters.

Social Studies - Reasons for exploration to the New World, and learning about various explorers during this period.

Science - Characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates, and the similarities and differences between the life cycles of these animals.

Cursive Handwriting - Practicing lowercase letters and letter combinations.

Parent Portal

I have been steadily adding student grades into Powerschool for you to view your child's progress. I will be grading more over the weekend, so scores should be updated by Monday. I am not sure if Powerschool has been updated to incorporate the new 10 point grading scale yet, but the District Office is working on it and it will be updated soon.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

I will be scheduling parent/teacher conferences throughout the month of October. I will send a sign- up genius for you to choose the best time that works for you. I will have a few nights that I can stay to accommodate parents who have a difficult time getting away from work. If any of the days and times do not work for you, please send me an e-mail and we will work out another time to meet. I am excited to meet with each of you and discuss your child's progress so far this year!