News From Mrs. Jose's Class

September 28- October 2, 2015

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A Special Guest!

Last week, Tyler Whitesides, came and spoke to our 3rd and 4th grade students about his book series, Janitor. He told us his story of how he began formulating his ideas and then shared how his ideas evolved into a successful series of books.
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What will you find us doing this week?


We are reviewing multiplication strategies such as; repeated addition, arrays, grouping, and skip counting with a number line.

  • To practice your multiplication skills at home play rock, paper, scissors, multiply.
  • You could also play the card game War using multiplication. Each player draws two cards and multiplies their two numbers together (leave out the J,Q, and K). Which ever play has the highest number wins.


This week we are starting our Personal Narrative unit. On Monday we did a pre-assessment where we wrote about a special time spent with a special person in our lives. We will get new partners and writing spots this week as we begin to form seed ideas for our writing.


Looking at a character in a book from the outside to determine what kind of person they are requires a lot of thinking and evidence from the text. When reading at home with your student ask them what type of person their characters in their books are and ask how they know. Students should respond with, "I think ____ (character) is _____ (an adjective or description of character traits) because __________ (evidence from the text).

Social Studies

This week we learned about the early hunters and gathers in Indiana. On Thursday students will present their skits, iMovies, and posters showcasing what they learned.

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Music Class

As you can tell from the pictures above we have a lot of fun in music; singing, dancing, interpreting songs, and finding our rhythm.

Reminders and Events

  • Reading logs are to be turned in the first day of every new week (Monday unless we have a long weekend)
  • Wednesday Sept. 30th Scholastic Orders are due online
  • Wednesday Oct. 7th Chaucie's Place will visit our room
  • October 1st Roadrunner Rally - Let's get those donations in!
  • Friday Oct. 2nd Half Day and $1 Hat Day
  • Friday Oct. 2nd Field Trip forms and $4 are due
  • Friday Oct. 16th Class Field Trip
  • Friday Oct. 9th End of Grading Period
  • Week of Oct. 12th conferences start
  • October 16th Field Trip
  • October 20th Picture Retakes

*From the PTO: