March 23rd News

Important Picture Information For Our Next Rehearsal!

Next Monday, March 30th, we will have a photographer taking pictures of the students at rehearsal. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD WEAR THEIR CHOIR SHIRT!

Rehearsal this week...

We continue to work on fine tuning our vocal technique. Concentrating on warming up our vocal cords, proper posture, clarity and pitch help us achieve this. Each child is unique and we are very proud of their accomplishments so far! The students also worked on their parts in the upcoming performance to help build confidence in their stage presence. We wrapped up rehearsal with a fun team-building exercise using mirror images.

Want individual voice lessons?

Mrs. Ferland teaches one-on-one voice lessons. She would like to offer a 30 minute lesson for $15 to any student who would like extra help with their solo in the upcoming Local Vocals performance. If you are interested, please contact her at 317-658-1915.

Keep working on the lyrics to "Firework"...

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As a reminder, there will be no class held Monday, April 6th in accordance with Hamilton Southeastern's spring break schedule.

Don't forget to register for our summer camps before they fill up! Go to www.localvocalschoir.com and follow the link to sign up!

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