November 16, 2015

What's Up in the Tech World?

Last full week before Thanksgiving!

Wow, can you believe we have made it to the last full week before Thanksgiving. I am hoping to get back on track this week. Between the holiday in the middle of the week and my adventures with pink eye, I feel a little scattered. I am including a few short videos. I look for videos that are 5-6 minutes or less because I know how busy you are. Hopefully there will be something helpful included.
Some of you are pros at google docs but I wanted to include a quick video that give a quick tutorial if you aren't comfortable with Google Docs. If you ever get started using it, you will be amazed at how convenient it is to have all your documents stored in the cloud. You can access them from any computer, anywhere.
For those who are using Google Drive, I included a short video about organizing your drive. I know I could definitely take some time to get mine more organized!
Lower School - I will be on your campus Monday and Thursday. Please let me know if you have any issues I could possibly help you address.
Upper School - I will be on your campus Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Several teachers have used the Swivl (Coach Keith, Mr. Hammond, Mrs. Montgomery, debate team). Remember they are available and we can try to set up a tech helper to get it to your room.
How To: Quick Tutorial for the New Google Drive (2015)
Organizing Your Google Drive