Computer Systems

What makes an iPhone a computer

What makes an iPhone is a Computer

The iPhone is a computer because it has inputs and outputs. It has an SD card to process data instructions. By having all of theses characteristics, this makes the iPhone a computer.


  • Keyboard (lets you type in data information)
  • Home button (to turn on your phone, and to bring you back to your applications)
  • Off button (also to turn on your phone, and also to turn and power it off)
  • Volume buttons (to change the volume of the sound on your phone)
  • Silent/Vibrate button (to put your ringer on silent/vibrate)
  • Touchscreen (so you can select one of your applications and you type in data instructions)


  • Speakers at the bottom and near the camera at the top of the phone (to output sound which is information to the user)
  • The LED flash light on the front of the phone (the phone will use this when information is sent)
  • The slot where one would insert the charger to export data, or import data and/or to charge the phone (the output would be information coming out of the phone and into another device)
  • Headphone slot to insert ear buds/headphones (the output is the sound going through the wire, through the speakers, and into your ears)

How it processes data instructions

When using the iPhone, it processes a lot of data instructions. Say you went into your browser, and searched up: "how to make apple pie". Your phone will then read what you typed in, and then will bring you to a page showing multiple websites on how to make apple pie. This is because it processed this information (which then led you to the websites).