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July 28, 2020

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Dear Riebli Families,

Thank you for your continued kindness, patience, and support as we tie up our remaining loose ends in these final days of summer! The 2020-21 planning feels thoughtful, endless and critical for your child's success.

Thank you for your support of our teachers, schools, and district as we navigate these challenging times. We are grateful for our partnership with our families, and together we can tackle the challenges that lie ahead whatever they might be.

I know it's a lot. Together, we can do this. Deep breaths, belief in yourself and your village, and a whole lot of grace makes for a positive outlook.


Mrs. Todd

For those who are new to Riebli, here is a quick video about me!

About Mrs. Todd

School 2020-21 update

While this year will definitely have a different beginning than all of my previous years, many things will not change. We still have the talented Reibli Staff who have been working so hard throughout the summer preparing to be all that they can be for your children. We continue to have a dedicated PTA group who have met tirelessly to make sure that parents, staff and students will remain connected and supported through the year. And we still have the fabulous students and their families who will bring joy to each other, their classmates, and their teachers all year long.

I know many parents are anxiously awaiting more information about the scope of the year. Our Re-opening committee has been busy planning for three separate models;

  • a Hybrid Model (two days on campus with three days of Distance Learning),
  • a Distance Learning Model (taught by a district teacher, using district curriculum and technology, supported by parents),
  • a Homeschool Model (lessons planned by a district teacher, generally in two week blocks, using district curriculum and technology, with parents presenting the curriculum and lessons to students).

We now know that we will begin our school year learning at home, either in a Distance Learning Model or a Homeschool Model until the state and County Health Department believe we can safely have students on campus. If you need to make any changes in your model choice, please contact me at or call 524-2980.

Currently, the teachers and administrators on the Re-Opening Committee are working on draft schedules that will help parents to plan for entering learning from home. These schedules should be ready to share next week. I will be sending out a link for a community Zoom meeting to go over this information.

Other Important Information:

Class lists will be posted on the school website by student ID number on Friday August 7th by 4 pm. If you do not know/remember your students number, please contact the office at: 524-2980. Teachers will begin reaching out to families the week of August 10th.

In support of students learning at home, there will be a materials pick up on Thursday, August 13, and Friday, August 14. Materials will include reading and math books, workbooks, and general supplies like crayons, pencils, etc. A school chromebook (laptop) or tablet will be issued to every student who needs one.

To facilitate Social Distancing, we have scheduled families by their last names. Please come at your scheduled time:

Thursday, August 13:

A-D 9:00

E-H 10:00

I-L 11:00

Friday, August 14:

M-P 9:00

Q-T 10:00

U-Z 11:00

Please check the District Website for important information including childcare, and other parent resources:

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Distance Learning Schedules- Typical day

  • 2 instructional blocks: Notice that there are two instructional blocks with a 15 minute break between. Instructional blocks are times that families should know school will be in session. Your student will be in online meetings for portions of this time. Your child will also be working independently when the teacher is meeting with other students. Remember that instruction is flexible and teachers can use this time to meet with the whole group, in small groups, or with individual students to meet the needs of the class. Please plan on being “in school” during these two blocks.

  • Instructional minutes: In order to meet state instructional minute requirements, most students will need some additional work time in the afternoon. Teachers will combine the time they meet with students and the time students work independently to meet instructional minutes for each grade.

  • Office hours: Daily office hours are reserved for teachers or parents to schedule meetings and check-ins as needed.

Wednesday looks different than the other four days. This allows students and teachers a mid-week break from online conferencing. However, some students may be asked to meet with the teacher or other specialist on these days for more individualized instruction.

Your teacher will provide a detailed schedule for your the week of August 10.

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