News & Updates

June 14, 2016

UPDATE: Facilities

As of Tuesday, June 14, 2016 the following are the final facility changes.

Background info: Today, both Manzanita Campus principals met with COO, Allen Smith, Network 2 Sup, Sondra Aguilera, Cesar Monterrosa, Joe Dominguez, Director of Student Enrollment, Charles Wilson, & rep of fiscal to finalize the 16-17 SY facilities needs. The following is the final decision:

Short-term Solutions:

  • TK classroom will be moved to the Manzanita CDC (this includes MCS TK class)
  • SDC K-2 class will remain at SEED (this includes MCS SDC classes)
  • Room 3 will meet the space needs for Ms. Nuñez 3rd grade class
  • Room 14 will be freed up for the Reading Partners and comply with the MOU
  • Improve walk-way and stairs that lead to CDC so that both Manzanita TK classes can continue to be serviced as part of the schools' programs.
  • PE class will have a large shed purchased by COO, Allen Smith to clear over-crowded hallway

Long-term Solutions:

  • Capsize 2017-2018 enrollment for Manzanita Campus
  • PEC will identify 2 spaces for 2 SDC classes in Network 1 or 3 by Summer 2017, this will free up classroom space

Summer 2017: Possible Plans

Additional space identified- potentially be our music classroom (after Summer 2017)

Room 13 - Spych/Speech/ASP (after Summer 2017)

Room 14 - PE/Playworks/Parent Room (after Summer 2017)

Kinder Playground

Construction of our TK/K playground started June 13th. Playground will be inaugurated in August.

Reading Partners

Reading Partners will be housed in room 14.

Counseling Services

Fred Finch - 2 day per week

Schedule: Mondays & Thursdays

Psychotherapist - Ilya Parishky

Schedule: Tuesdays & Fridays

Effective: August through December

-donate 300 volunteer hours for counseling sessions for students/families

Pending Vacancies

SDC K-2: will interview this week and week of June 21

TGDS STIP: pending proper paper work to fully on-board candidate

Restorative Justice Coordinator - possible reallocation of funds due to staffing issues

Additional Bilingual Psychologist Site bought services - possible reallocation of funds due to staffing issues

Refinement of priorities will be addressed, reviewed, discussed, and voted with the SSC on an emergency meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 3:30 PM - location: SEED Office.

New Staff

Admin II - Rocio Gutierrez

Yard Supervisor - Aristides Gonzalez

2nd grade teacher - Meghan Finn

3rd grade teacher - Roxana de la Cortez

4th grade teacher - Alberto Soler

5th grade teacher - Amy Orozco

SDC K-2 - Vacancy


Oakland Youth Choir - for the 16/17 SY, the ASP will partner with this organization.

A grant proposal geared at teacher retention/ staff wellness, Educate 78 grant

OLAS Arts Grant - we will find out by the end of the month

UPDATE: ASP Partneship

The partnership between Learning for Life and OUSD will conclude after December 2016.

LFL Executive Board elected to discontinue our partnership with OUSD at the end of this school term. The discussion was centered around the inability of the school contracts to keep pace with the required salaries along with administrative oversight which has been increasing annually for many years. All told, we realized that we no longer can afford to lose over $200,000 annually operating Learning for Life in OUSD.

LFL will support SEED and facilitate a transition to a new agency and work to promote Simone’s fantastic program. More to come!