Thomson Staff Newsletter

October 12, 2015

Important News & Notes

Math PD Follow-up

I hope that you found last week's Early Release PD to be valuable and that you were able to walk away with ideas to implement in your classroom. I encourage you to revisit the Google Doc outline for Math Workshop and discuss with your PLC team to ensure that you have a good understanding of the framework and what each part consists of. Matt Lobban has let us continue to borrow the book/DVD Number Talks. This is a great resource for you as teacher or your PLC to discuss the many ideas for number talks in your classroom. If you'd like to borrow it, please come get it from my office...due to the expense of the book, I don't want to just leave it out somewhere.

Teacher Evaluation

As I shared last week, there is new teacher evaluation legislation moving through Lansing. The proposed legislation is as follows:

  • 2015-16-At least 25% of the year end evaluation is based on student growth
  • 2016-17-Teacher and administrator training
  • 2017-18-School website will have to post evaluation information
  • 2018-19-At least 40% of the year end evaluation is based on student growth; 1/2 from State assessments, 1/2 from local assessments

As legislation is passed and things change, I will keep you all posted. I encourage you to stay up-to-date yourself.

Printers in Conference Room & Library

First let me say that I do not want to become the 'printer police', however, the printers in the conference room and library are not meant to print large jobs or class sets of materials. Not only will this cause wear and tear, it is frustrating for colleagues who are using them properly and go to pick up a job and see a whole stack of things left on the printer, find it out of paper with a class job still waiting, or have to wait for a big job to print. As always, planning is key, but if you need something last minute please contact the office and we will try to help.

Child Studies/SIDR

Our first Child Study day will be October 14th. If you have students that you would like to bring to the Child Study Team, remember you should have first discussed him/her at your PLC and documented it, then please let myself and Maida know so that he/she can be added to the schedule.

DEF Pumpkin Run

From what I saw on FaceBook, it looked like we had several staff members participate in the DEF Pumpkin Run and that a good time was had by those that ran or walked. Unfortunately, we had another commitment on Saturday morning and could not year for sure!

Important Upcoming Dates

Week of October 12th-PLC WEEK

Tuesday, October 13th-Tornado Drill

Wednesday, October 14th-Staff Meeting, Agenda: DEF Presentation (with breakfast pizza) and Family Math Night; Child Study Day; Fire Drill

Wednesday, October 16th-MSU/U of M Day!

Monday, October 19th-Watch DOGS Begins; DRA Window Opens; Baffling Bill is here; PTO Meeting.

Tuesday, October 20th-ELA 4:15-6:15 p.m. at Siple

Wednesday, October 21st-Stranger Awareness Presentation

Friday, October 23rd- PTO Fundraiser Ends; Lock Down

Week of October 26th-PLC WEEK

Tuesday, October 27th-PTO Pals

Wednesday, October 28th-Staff Meeting, 7:35 a.m.

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"It's okay to be scared. Being scared means you're about to do something really, really brave."

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