Richmond Elementary Staff Bulletin

Making a difference today to create a better tomorrow.

November 13-17, 2017

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I BELIEVE you matter!!

I Believe in Living Above the Line

We believe in you matter, we believe in relationships, and we believe in helping others be successful. This month, our focus puts what we have learned into practice in living above the line. Top 20s are aware of their thinking and live above the line. Every choice we make is a decision whether or not to accept invitations to conditions that are either above or below the line. How will we respond to an early morning traffic jam, a student who doesn't do their homework, a flat tire, or, as in this clip, a roommate who struggles to see? We CAN have a positive influence on outside conditions. How will our thinking determine our students' experiences? What will we describe that they are unable to see?


To Irene, Tammy, Dave, and Mary, thank you for making a difference today to create a better tomorrow! Your willingness to accept the invitation to make a change in how we distributed snack cart in the mornings is much appreciated!

First 6 Weeks: Maintenance

The first six weeks of school were focused on establishing rituals and routines for our school. We will continue to teach and practice these behaviors throughout the school year. We also focus on community and relationship building as we know that no significant learning happens without a significant relationship. One of our roles is to assist students in managing themselves and in managing relationships.

Thomas Hoerr, author of The Formative Five (Alexandria, Virginia: ASCD, 2016), suggests the development of five attributes in our students to "greatly increase the likelihood that they will find success as adults, however they define it." Exciting, indeed! The formative five include empathy, self-control, integrity, embracing diversity, and grit, each of which embraces courage, curiosity, responsibility, and receptivity. Integrity, self-control, and grit will assist in teaching students how to manage themselves; empathy and embracing diversity in teaching students how to manage their relationships. "True empathy," Hoerr states, "begins with listening- taking the time not just to hear but to understand what someone else is thinking and feeling (36.)" Take a moment to self assess your feelings of empathy Here. Look for more information on these five topics in upcoming weeks.

Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation Forms can be found HERE

Reading is Our Super Power!

As we work toward achieving our WBWF Reading Goals, let's focus this week on brainstorming possible solutions to barriers in reading progress. In

Allington’s 6 T’s of exemplary reading instruction, past president of the International Literacy Association Richard Allington found that exemplary reading instruction begins with six key features: Time, Texts, Teaching, Talk, Tasks, and Testing. These features combine naturally with all of the wonderful methods we already do here in ROCORI, including monitoring progress, identifying causes of difficulty, modifying curriculum and instruction to eliminate the causes of difficulty, and learning about best practice with varying learners. See the full article for critical questions to assist in increasing student reading motivation.


In an effort to track and streamline the referral process for counseling and mental health support, please start with Ambur for any mental health services for our students. Ambur will manage the next steps for the students which could include small groups, individual counseling, and/or True Balance counseling.

Students already receiving counseling services from True Balance will not be effected. They will continue their own services.

OUR WEEK AT A GLANCE November 13-17, 2017


  • Office Open
  • Mary at Academic Team Meeting DO 1:00
  • Office Open
  • Advisory 7:20 Media
  • Math Online w/Mary Swanson CSE 3:00
  • PTC Meeting Lounge 6:00
  • Office Open
  • Mary at PLAT
  • Office Open
  • School Board Pie in the Lounge 11:30-1:00
  • American Education Week Essays Awards in Gymnasium 2:20
  • Teacher's Tea Media Center 2:40-3:30
  • Office Open
  • District CI 7:00 DO
  • Mary at CNN/DAC in St. Cloud

Upcoming Important Dates

11/13-17: American Education Week

11/14: Advisory 7:30 Media; Reconciliation Retreat 9:05-11:30; Math Online Trainer CSE Lab 3:00; PTC Meeting 6:00 Lounge

11/15: PLAT; Teacher's Tea CS Legion After School-5:00

11/16: School Board Pie 11:30-1:00; American Education Week Essays Gym 2:20;

Teacher's Tea RI Elementary Media Center 2:40-3:30

11/17: District CI Board Room 7:00

11/22: Staff Development Day

11/23-24: No School: Happy Thanksgiving!

December 1: Chamber of Commerce TreeMendous Event 5:00-7:00, Parade at 7:00

December 4, 5, 7: Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences


District Level

RtI (Response to Intervention)CI (Curriculum and Instruction)SD (Staff Development)Technology
  • Referendum passed!!
Teacher Evaluation

Building Level

Staff Meeting

  • Meeting 11/20 at 7:30 in library
  • Meeting 12/13 7:35 in library
  • Meeting 11/22 2:50 in library
  • Meeting 11/28 2:50 in library