Cinderella v.s Yeh-Shen

Summary page

Cinderella: A young girl wanted to go to a ball but her mom said no so her fairy godmother got her there and she lived happily ever after

Yeh-Shen: Yeh-Shen wanted to go to the ball but she had to do her chores so her fishes bones let her go after the festival the king marred her and she lived happily ever after

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differences and simalaritys

the things that are different are:

Yeh-Shen has bones and Cinderella has a fairy godmother

Yeh-Shen has a cave and Cinderella has a house

Yeh-Shen goes to a festival and Cinderella goes to a ball

the similarities are:

something helps them

they have mean stepsisters

they get the prince

readers reveiw

my favorite one is Yeh-Shen because it is more interesting and also it paints a giant pitcher in mind