Cuneiform and Hieroglyphics


The way Cuneiform was made by scribes. They where the only one that could read and wight this langue. They made the langue on clay tablets. The people need the whiting and it lets us know what they did back then that is why it is important. Thanks to my friend I learn that Mesopotamia used cuneiform. A similarity between Hieroglyphics and Cuneiform is they are both languages, and a difference is that Egypt uses Hieroglyphics and Mesopotamia uses Cuneiform. Hear is a picture of Cuneiform.
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Egyptians created Hieroglyphics. They used papyrus Paper. The important thing about this language is that it told stores. Egyptians used this language. The similarity is that they are both languages, and different are that cuneiform is used by Mesopotamia and Hieroglyphics are used by Egyptians.

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