Kayla Obrien and Sydney McBride

The Triangle

The pyramids were built in triangles. The Pharaohs can climb up the sides of the pyramids. They can also go to the afterlife by climbing the sides. The sides also represent the Rays of the sun. The pyramids were suppose-Ed to be representing a hill called "Ben-Ben"

Who Built The Pyramids?

People believe that slaves built the pyramids, but they didn't. The people who built the pyramids are the ancient Egyptians. They built them for the pharaohs and their queens. They also built them so the deceased pharaohs could go to the after life. The person who built the Great Pryamid was Khufus son's named Snefru.

Building the pyramids

They were built by Egyptians who lived in the village. Probably most of work was made when the Nile River was flooding. While the large amount of water was running, it carried large limestone rocks. After those rocks made the base of the pyramid, the workers had to Polish them by hand. Once they had the other rocks for the middle and top of the pyramids. They put them on ramps to place them where they wanted them.

The Greatest Structures Of The World

They are the greatest structures because the Great Pyramid Of Khufu at Giza is the oldest out of all the structures. They are also the only one left standing. The pyramid shows human contrution. Along with The Great Pyramid it has three smaller ones built for Khufus wives. It took them approximately 20 years to complete.