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Newsletter - Friday, 1 July 2022

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NAIDOC Week celebrations 3-10 July 2022

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Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

The theme that has been chosen by the National NAIDOC Committee to celebrate NAIDOC 2022 is Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! It is a theme that is a call to action inviting all Australians to engage in the “ministry of reconciliation” where we work together to create a just, equitable and harmonious society, as together, we “Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!” in support of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sisters and brothers.

NAIDOC is a time for all Australians to join with our First Nations’ peoples in celebrating the achievements that together, our country has already made as we move into the future. It is a time to celebrate and acknowledge the rich traditions and cultural heritage that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples offer to our country.

Thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our community for all of your support over the past term. Together we have been able to overcome many challenges in regard to weather and our collective health and I thank all our students for the way they have conducted themselves and challenged themselves to be the best version of themselves.

As the term draws to a close we farewell four staff members. On behalf of the St Benedict’s community, I would like to farewell Mrs Christy Smith, Mrs Natasha Kovacevic, Mrs Clarence Ebonia and Mrs Maria Dao. We thank you for all you have done for our students and we wish you the very best:

As you go my friend, you walk upon a bed of love,

On which our prayers are falling softly every day.

As you go, remember that our hearts will hold you close.

You’re treasured, and we will cheer you on your way.

As you go my friend, you travel with Christ at your side.

His light will show a path and be your guide.

As you go, be hopeful that you’re following your dreams.

We celebrate this new season of your life.

Student successes

At our Assembly on Tuesday we were lucky to showcase a number of our successful sporting teams so far this year. Thank you to all coaches and players of our MISA sporting teams this term. It was our most successful term ever. Congratulations to the following teams for winning their respective sports competitions:

  • Girls 10-12 Soccer

  • Boys 11/12 Soccer

  • Boys 10-12 Softball

  • Boys 7-9 Basketball

We were also able to celebrate our Diocesan Tennis Team who finished in 2nd place and Jude H who finished in 7th place at the CCC Cross Country Championships. Jude will now go on to compete at the NSW All Schools Cross Country Championships.

On Tuesday I witnessed our incredible Year 9 Debating team in action for their Grand Final against St Patrick’s College. Although our team was narrowly defeated they represented the College with distinction and I congratulate them and Mrs Mizzi on the time and preparation for the competition this year.

I wish all our students and families a relaxing break and I look forward to seeing you refreshed and ready for an exciting Term 3.

Warm regards

Mr Michael Turner

Acting Principal

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We concluded a most wonderful term on the 1st day of July. I am looking forward to the break and time at home with my daughters. May this break be for all a time to relax, renew and rejuvenate - plus to stay warm. We also keep in our mind and prayers our Year 12s are they prepare for the HSC TRIAL examinations and also those completing their major works.

A lot had happened throughout this term that the College should be so proud off - Opening School Mass, Feast Day Mass, LIVE Night, Cross Generational workshop, Interfaith encounter project, Social justice Winter Appeal and who can the forget the sensational work taking place in the classroom, on the sporting field and in Debating too. We are definitely showing “we belong, we engage, we challenge’.

This Sunday is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday. The theme is The Harvest is Plentiful, but the labourers are few - Get up! Stand up! Show up!

We acknowledge that God has been walking with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, making His Presence known through a continuous living culture over many thousands of years.

We pray in thanksgiving for these ancient peoples who have enriched and sustained our continent over all that time. We praise God for the people who nurtured the land here in our Parish that we call home.

The artwork below Mumeri was created by Dr Lisa Buxton in August 2013 to celebrate the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s inaugural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mass held at St Mary’s Cathedral. The theme for the Mass ‘Holy Spirit in this Land’ was captured in the artwork through the use of Aboriginal and Catholic symbolism.

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National NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia in the first week of July each year (Sunday to Sunday), to celebrate and recognise the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC Week is an opportunity for all Australians to learn about First Nations cultures and histories and participate in celebrations of the oldest, continuous living cultures on earth. You can support and get to know your local Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities through activities and events held across the country.

“Get Up, Stand Up, Show Up.” – The 2022 NAIDOC Week theme unveiled”


This YouTube focuses specifically on the 2022 celebrations. In the initial 2 minutes, it provides valuable background to the choice of this year’s theme.


God of The Dreaming, your Holy Spirit hovered over our land,

lovingly creating its people, animals, and landscapes.

Inspire all Australians to value this noble past,

working together to ensure a future of respect, dignity,

and justice for all who call Australia home.

Loving God, you have called each Australian to the “ministry of reconciliation”.

May we work with each other to create a just, equitable and harmonious society,

as together, we “Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!” in support of each other.

In the name of Jesus, our brother and companion along the way. Amen.

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In Studies of Religion (Year 11) students have just completed the depth study of Christianity. At the heart of the Christian faith is love. I could not help but be moved by Danny and Leila Abdallah’s powerful witness and speech at World Meeting of Families in Rome on 25 June 2022. It is so profound and amazing what strong faith can do.

"Friends, forgiveness is the path to holiness,” said Danny, moments ago… “Jesus Christ – my mentor and my teacher is the ultimate example of forgiveness [and]..I serve a God who has suffered greatly before me…the God we serve is a good Father who says let me go first; I will show you how to conduct yourself through the worst suffering imaginable, and the way through this is forgiveness.”

Leila added, "Through God’s grace and mercy, we were able to forgive, Jesus asked us to forgive 70 times seven times… Forgiveness did not begin on the day our kids were taken away, and it did not end on the day we forgave the driver. It must be a regular part of the life of every Christian family. Forgiveness has brought us healing and peace. I am heartbroken but I am at peace because I know my kids are with Jesus.”

This is a great resource not only for our Studies of Religion and Catholic Studies classes but also for all members of St Benedict’s Catholic College.


Abdallah Family Talks About Losing 3 Children to a Drunk Driver | World Meeting of Families

Have a blessed break.

Mrs Kimberley Logue

Director of Mission and Vision

Religious Education Coordinator

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Last week, our students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 received their Semester 1 Reports. Semester reports are an ideal time for students to self-reflect on their progress and plan the changes that are required for improved results.

Self-reflection is a powerful way to enhance a student’s learning experience. It plays an important role in teaching students not just what to learn, but also how they learn and what they can do to improve their learning outcomes. By critically reflecting on their work, processes and learning style; students have the opportunity to identify gaps in their knowledge or skill set that may be preventing deeper learning.

At St Benedict’s, opportunities exist for students to undertake a self-reflection during STRIVE. Students have the opportunity to discuss their Semester Report with their STRIVE Coach during their learning and well-being coaching conversations. To best be prepared for these conversations, students are encouraged to use the statements below to reflect on their report for each course:

  • I feel good about…

  • I used to… but now I…

  • Two things I will remember about what I have learnt over the last 6 months are…

  • A strategy that helped me learn better is…

  • If I could do something again differently, I would…

  • One thing I will remember to do in the future is…

The release of assessment results and report grades can be a stressful time for some students. We often hold high expectations of ourselves and when results do not meet our expectations that can be a real blow to our confidence.

Many students experience challenges that interfere with their learning—strained relationships, increased anxiety, feeling down, difficulty concentrating, and/or lack of motivation. These mental health concerns or stressful events may diminish their academic performance and/or reduce their ability to participate in daily learning activities.

Students must take time to take care of themselves. They can do this by maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising, avoiding drugs and alcohol, getting enough sleep, and taking time to relax. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help one achieve their goals and cope with stress.

If your child often experiences serious academic stress, difficult life events or feelings of anxiety or depression, I encourage you to seek support from your child's Year Coordinator or STRIVE Coach.

We are looking forward to celebrating the achievements and learning behaviours of our students when we return for Term 3 during our Award Presentations. During these presentations, we will be acknowledging Academic Leadership, Academic Achievement and Academic Excellence. Parents of students who will be receiving awards will be emailed an invite to these presentations before Friday 1 July. Presentations will be held on the following dates:

Year 11 - Tuesday 19 July commencing at 8:20 am in the Hall

Year 7 and 8 - Monday 25 July commencing at 8:30 am in the Hall

Year 9 and 10 - Monday 25 July commencing at 9:40 am in the Hall

Parents/Carers will need to RSVP for these events.

For our Year 12 students, these holidays will not be a normal ‘holiday’. Many students will spends days at school working with their teachers on their major works, participating in extra study classes, and preparing for their Trial HSC Examinations that start on Monday, August 1. Best of luck Year 12.

I would like to extend my thanks to all members of this incredible learning community for their work during Term 2.

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Mr Christopher Shelton

Acting Assistant Principal

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Year 11 2023 Course Selection

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Stage 5 Subject selection timeline

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Mrs Tammy Isbister

Acting Director

Learning & Teaching

Mr Wheeler, Director of Wellbeing, shared his favourite quote:

"It's all about finding the calm in the chaos"

Donna Karan

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TAFE Trade Readiness Course at St Benedict’s

This week fifteen Year 10 and Year 11 students attended the TAFE Trade Readiness Course as part of their Career Plan. The course was delivered by TAFE at St Benedict's and ran from 8:10am - 2:30pm each day from Monday 27 June - Friday 1 July.

The students had the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from an experienced tradesman and TAFE teacher who is involved in mentoring apprentices at TAFE NSW.

TAFE Trade Readiness Courses are like being in a real work environment. All TAFE Trade Readiness Course teachers are trade-qualified and the courses are industry-supported. Students received a detailed course performance report and were interviewed by industry personnel.

We would like to thank Mr Christian White from TAFE who ran a very impressive TAFE Trade Readiness Course that ensured that all the students were engaged at all times and learned a number of important skills to make them work ready.

The students Brock, Harrison, Harrison, Jack, Declan, William, Zane, Dylan, Alexander, Harry, Alex, Ty, Jesse, Joel, Nicholas have enjoyed their week learning new skills.

Mr Mark Mustapic

Careers Adviser/TaPS

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Cross Generational Workshop

Over the last few weeks, Year 9 and 10 students have had the pleasure of taking part in the Cross Generational Workshop, which allowed us to help those in our community with any queries related to technology. This experience really opened our eyes to how hard the pandemic has been on the seniors of our community. Through the past few weeks not only did the seniors learn to navigate technology effectively, but in return, they gave us the opportunity to listen and in turn learn from a very wise perspective.

Because of the automation of most things such as road maps becoming Google Maps, we often leave our seniors behind and we make it hard for them to catch up to us. This workshop has afforded our seniors the opportunity to be able to broaden their technological skills, this has proved to be quite successful as the positive response from our seniors is overwhelming. Washington, one of the participants of this program has given us great advice, “whenever you see a senior sitting alone, you should go and say hi, be friendly and talk to them, you never know how that could affect their day”.

We realised how easy it is to form a connection through a simple conversation with our seniors, we quickly learned a lot, like how to be other-cantered. Overall it was a very immersive experience that we all hope to be able to do again

Marielle, Chloe, Lara, and Sophia (Year 10 students)

Mrs Kimberley Logue

Director of Mission and Vision - Religious Education Coordinator

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“Girls do the Maths workshop’’ University of New South Wales

Student report:

On the 23rd of June, I, together with 12 other girls from year 10, 11 and 12 had the privilege of attending the annual “Girls do the Maths workshop’’ sponsored by the University of New South Wales.

The workshop covered the practicalities of university life, including information about STEMs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses and degrees, applying for scholarships, and programs for talented students offered by the University of New South Wales.

We solved puzzles and worked on activities that encourage critical, analytical and logical thinking and collaboration with other participants across Sydney High Schools. A highlight of the day was hearing from women speakers about their careers and their passion for mathematics.

And we even got a FREE LUNCH!!!!

Thank you to Ms Vargas for organising the event and Ms Franciscus and Mrs Ghignone for coming with us.

Read more about the "University of NSW Girls do the Maths" program here

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Year 12 Sports, Lifestyle and Recreation (SLR)

Year 12 Sports, Lifestyle and Recreation (SLR) have been engaging in a unit called Resistance Training through Term 3. They have thoroughly enjoyed the new gymnasium that has a functional fitness design. The new gymnasium offers another physical activity resource that assists in the application of strength training, in addition to functional movements to improve joint strength, mobility and balance.

Luke F has been the highlight for our class on bench press, in addition to Cameron A and Michael S being able to complete the full length of the monkey bars across the rig. Tony G has been lifting heavy to build more muscle mass and Tyler B has improved his technique using the lateral pull down. Jorja S has designed creative workouts, while Madison S and Torens H have bettered their back squat technique.

I would like to thank RAW Fitness, the P & F, Mrs Ashleigh Durrant, Mrs Julia Liska, Mrs Tammy Isbister, Mrs Melissa Loudon, Mrs Kerrie Piatek, PDHPE staff and senior school students that have assisted in the gymnasium design and induction program. The gymnasium is a modern space for students to explore their love for lifelong physical activity in PDHPE.

Mrs Rebecca Sammut

PDHPE Teacher

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Year 10 Child Studies

During Term 2 in 10 Child Studies students have been learning about nutrition and the nutritional needs of children.

The class has been exploring baby’s first foods, cultural foods, food allergies and intolerances and the Australian Dietary Guidelines. To enhance and consolidate learning we have incorporated a practical element into the unit.

Students have sampled baby food, prepared healthy snacks for toddlers and planned food for a child's birthday party. Students have enjoyed these experiences - especially the party planning.

Tara Wilkinson

PDHPE Faculty

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MISA Champions - Senior Boys MISA Softball

The Senior Boys MISA Softball team have done it again! Back-to-back MISA champions!

The boys displayed excellent teamwork, led by Lachlan B, Lachlan H and Fynn B. The defining moment for this team was in week 6 where we were down to only 7 players. The team came together with grit and perseverance to keep their unbeaten run in tact.

A special mention to Players Player Lachlan H.

P.s we are not done. Three-peat is in progress for 2023

MISA Senior Girls Indoor Cricket - Term 2 2022

Our team consisted of the following ladies: Jessica, Giana, Lara, Ella, Antonia, Tahlia, Alanna, & Tijana.

Each week of the competition they turned up with a can-do attitude and giving their very best every time they were on the pitch. All continued to improve their bowling and batting from one match to the next until the final match of the competition where they achieved a well-deserved victory.

Their sportswomen ship was second to none, showing true resilience and a joyous approach to playing Indoor Cricket, as even the umpires found them a joy to watch.

Well done ladies

Mr Rowles

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Lawn Bowls - The Inter School Challenge

The Inter School Challenge was completed on Monday 20th June at Camden Bowling Club with 30 students from St Benedicts Catholic College and Camden High School.

Results are as follows;

1st - Harrison H, Luke S, Daryl C - St Benedict's Catholic College

2nd - Oliver Cox, Ryan Wood, Alex Newman, - St Benedict's Catholic College

Equal 3rd - Emily F, Annalysse S, Thomas H - St Benedict's Catholic College


Alex Matheson

President CMBC

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St Benedict's Dance Team - MISA Dance Showcase

On Tuesday, 21 June the St Benedict's Catholic College Dance Team performed at Campbelltown Catholic Club for the MISA Dance Showcase.

The St Benedict’s Catholic College MISA Dance Team was proud to present a nod to all pop diva’s past and present in “ DIVALUTION”. With a combination of Hip Hop and Jazz this routine the crowd was singing and bopping along in their seats.

Our team was made up of all year groups with an array of dance abilities, allowing everyone to showcase their love of dance.

On the day students performed brilliantly and had massive cheers from the audience. Students came off from the stage buzzing with excitement and enjoyed the rest of the day celebrating and appreciating the love of dance.

A big thank you to our MISA Dance Coach Mrs Durrant and our Senior Students for helping manage and create this piece which helped showcase our schools talents. Another thank you goes out to Miss O'Connor for taking the students and organising them so seamlessly.

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Premier’s Reading Challenge.

It’s not too late to sign up for the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

The challenge commenced in February but registration is still open. You can count books you have read since the last challenge ended and our lovely Library team can help you register and log your reading records and also help you find your loan history.

The challenge is to read 20 books - 15 from the PRC list and 5 personal choice books by 19 August 2022. You might be surprised to find you have already read a few.

Not only do you receive a NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge Certificate, the Library is also providing a prize pack for all those students who attempt the challenge as well as house points and merits.

Dates to remember

NAIDOC Week 3-10 July 2022

BOOK WEEK 20-26 August 2022

Come in and see us in the Library or keep an eye on Oliver for other upcoming news and events.

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We Are Community - Winter Appeal

Again this year, the Social Justice team are supporting local charity, We Are Community, who service the Macarthur Region. In order to do this, the team is asking for food donations as well as warm items such as blankets, hats, scarves, gloves and socks. Each STRIVE group has been allocated a food item to donate which can be brought into school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now until Monday Week 2, Term 3 during STRIVE lessons.

Bennies Bring a Blanket is back next term, Friday Week 2, with a few new additions. This is an afternoon and evening where students can experience being outdoors during winter with little food or equipment to keep warm. There will be permission notes sent out via Compass for attendance with all details. More information for this event is coming soon!

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NAIDOC Week Colouring Competition

Students from all year levels are encouraged to enter our NAIDOC Week Colouring Competition.

Entry sheets featuring this year's NAIDOC Week poster are available in the Library or downloaded here:

NAIDOC Week Colouring In Competition

Winning entries will be selected next term with prizes.

Caitlin Oldfield

Aboriginal Education Assistant

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Year 7 TAPP - Transition and Pathway Program

Year 7 students at St Benedict’s Catholic College completed the CEO Transition and Pathway Program (TAPP) on Monday 20 June and Friday 24 June. This program is a new era in Careers Education at St Benedict’s Catholic College and indeed the whole of the CEO Wollongong Diocese. Over the past 3 years, a program of Careers Education across years 7-10 has been developed through CEO lead consultation, a Steering Committee and a Pilot program.

This year all CEO Wollongong Secondary Colleges will continue with the Transition and Pathway Program (TAPP) to deliver quality Careers education to year groups across Years 7-10 so they are better prepared for the important Career decisions they will make in Years 10,11 and 12.

Half of the Year 7 cohort completed the lessons of the Careers/Transition and Pathways Program(TAPP) during Periods 1-5 on Monday and the other half of the Year 7 cohort completed these Careers/TAPP lessons on Friday. The Year 7 students were also treated to a BBQ lunch.

Mr Mark Mustapic

Careers Adviser/TaPS

St Benedict’s Catholic College

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Student images missing from the newsletter

There are many fantastic opportunities available for students at our College. Unfortunately many of those experiences are not photographed due to student permission to publish forms not being submitted to the College Office.

If your student has been involved in a sporting team or extra curricular activity but their photo has not been published in the newsletter please complete the permission to publish form and lodge the form at the College Office.

The permission to publish form is available to download here

Families of current Year 5 students are invited to complete an Expression of Interest for Enrolment for Year 7, 2024.

Expression of Interest is not a formal enrolment application, but an opportunity to be included in St Benedict's College information and enrolment timelines as they become available.

Click the image above or click here to register your family's details.

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Information in this calendar list is correct at the time of publication but is subject to change without notice.

Mon 18 Jul - Term 3 Starts

Tue 19 Jul - **Year 11 Academic Award Ceremony - 8.10am updated**

Mon 25 Jul - ** Stage 4 Academic Award Presentation - 8:30am updated**

Mon 25 Jul - ** Stage 5 Academic Award Presentation - 9.40am updated**

Mon 01 Aug - Trial HSC commences

Thu 04 Aug - 2023 Captains Interviews

Mon 08 Aug - Feast of St Mary MacKillop

Mon 15 Aug - Feast of the Assumption, Science Week

Tue 16 Aug - P&F Meeting - 6.30pm, NSWCCC Girls Netball Champs - Penrith

Fri 19 Aug - Science Week, Year 12 High Tea

Tue 23 Aug - Bishop’s Student Excellence Awards (2022 Cohort – Year 12)

Thu 25 Aug - MISA Youth of the Year (MCCC)

Mon 29 Aug - Staff Development Day - Wellbeing / Pupil Free Day, Wellbeing Week

Fri 02 Sep - LIVE 2022

Mon 12 Sep - NSWCCC Athletics - Homebush

Tue 20 Sep - Year 12 Farewell Assembly

Wed 21 Sep - Year 12 Grad Mass and Awards

End of Term 3

Mon 10 Oct - Term 4 Starts

Wed 02 Nov - Senior Retreat

Tue 08 Nov - P&F Meeting at 6.30pm

Fri 11 Nov - 25th Annual CDF Sports Awards

Fri 18 Nov - Year 12 Formal TBC

Wed 23 Nov - Yr 7 2023 Orientation evening - 6.30pm - Hall

Tue 13 Dec - Year 9 Academic Awards - 8:50am - Hall, Year 10 Academic Awards - 12:50pm - Hall, Last Day Year 10 and 11

Wed 14 Dec - Closing Mass and Academic Awards - 7-9

Thu 15 Dec - Students Activities Day

Tue 20 Dec - Term 4 Ends

End of Term 4

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Rainier School Uniform Shop - Update

RANIER has advised that there may be significant delays with the school uniform. This delay is due to COVID lockdowns in China.

Orders placed for home delivery are despatched twice a week from the Uniform Shop. Orders placed for collection from school office will be available Mondays after 2:30pm, orders placed prior to 9am Monday will qualify.


Monday 9am – 5pm

Tuesday 9am – 5pm

Wednesday 9am – 5pm

Thursday 9am – 5pm

Saturday 9am – 12pm

Collection from shop | Collection from College | Home Delivery


Ranier Schoolwear Unit 5/6-8 Porrende Street Narellan 2567

Online purchasing and appointments visit:


Phone: 02 4647 8942

Responses will be provided during opening hours

For more immediate assistance, Head Office details are



P & F Clothing Pool

The P & F Clothing Pool has reopened, please contact the P & F via with a list of your requirements and a contact telephone number and Tracey will contact you. Items can be paid for and collected from the SBCC College Office.


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