BedTech- BalignED

Product by Annie Dcruz


As the leading medical mattress company, BEDTECH, our company has introduced a new product called the BalignED. Idea and created by Annie Dcruz.

This product is mainly introduced for the elderly community who suffer from different disorders related to the spinal cord and sleeping difficulties.

Nowadays as the world is finding it difficult to sleep especially the data shows the elders, our finest doctors and certain situations.


As compared to other BedTech technologies this product has a unique feature.

In this feature the technology behind is all under your mindset and body design.

When you move, turn or twist the mattress aligns automatically to make you sleep the right direction and sets your body aligned perfectly to not find difficulty while waking up.

There is also an additional feature this mattress has a temperature regulator which regulates the temperature along side environment and body temperature.

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I wish my product brings happiness and good sleep in your life!!!