Prisoners of the Holocaust Lives.

Prisoners lives in Concentration Camps.

Why they were taken to Concentration Camps

Hitler had done many bad things and he had believed that there was one superior race. So the first things he did were placing laws that certain races could not do thing in public. The main race or religion of people we are a ware of are the Jews. Hitler did not just do those things towards the Jews he also took prisoners of war and political officials that did not believe in his rule.

Being Forced into Labor

Work in Concentration Camps

Prisoners of concentration camps were forced to do of a lot of things. Mainly mining, digging holes and trenches, chopping wood, and the worst medical exparaments

A Little Girls Story

A little girl's survival story. A young girl named Neasa Goutrin was put through several concentration camps including Stutthof and Auschwitz. At the age of thirteen she was really young. As her family went away into hiding, her family was found not to long after they went into hiding. on that day Neasa went into a Ghetto, which is german for jail. As she was stuck in a jail her family, her uncle, her father, mother, and two sisters were all in one room together. One day Neasa went out to work and saw trucks and her mother walked up to her. Neasa asked why there were truck there and all her mom said was, “this means relocation, and relocation means separation of families.” Neasa was separated from her family and sent to Auschwitz. After that she was put in a gas chamber. There was a mechanical flaw and she lived through it. Then a couple weeks later the allied forces found the camp and exterminated it.