WCHS Tabletop Club

Sponsors: Ms. Julie Salyards & Mr. Alex Bartolini

What is Tabletop Club?

We focus on role-playing games. Dungeons and Dragons is the game played most frequently, but there are other role-playing games and all are welcome. We accept all levels of player from seasoned DMs to those that have never played. We will initially focus on character building, then quest and world building, and finally the rules (we play a bit fast and loose with those).

Some members chose to play Chess, Scrabble, & Magic: The Gathering - really any analog game play is encouraged.

We also have members that enjoy watching, reading, and discussing school appropriate anime and manga.

This club is all about fun, creativity, and comradery.

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Yes, role playing games are good for you!

Can D&D make you smarter? Maybe?

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