Reading Central

We exist because you're worth it!

Who We Are

Reading Central's primary focus is to increase the literacy level of students who have been identified as below grade level readers. It is our hope that students will experience the joy of reading while at the same time becoming proficient students able and willing to function in their respective society.

Supplies Needed

Websites and Apps We'll Use

At Reading Central, we will use a variety of websites and apps.

Reading Central Incentive Program

This year the reading support class will use an incentive program developed by volunteers at Vanguard, a major investment company and Rafe Esquith, an educator and author. The program, My Classroom Economy, ( is designed to support the reading class' existing goals while engaging the students. Students will be key members of an economic system, contributing as viable employees, producers, earners, investors and consumers to the Reading Central company.

Tribal Wars

Tribal War is a way to direct and, if need be, redirect students to proper behavior and academic performance in the classroom. Students are considered a tribe as a collective body and are then labeled with tribal names of their choosing based on smaller group arrangements. Within the realms of these tribes, students’ academic and behavior performance are monitored on a day-to-day, week-to-week, nine weeks basis. For the teacher, it produces the needed push within the students to work and behave while doing it. For the students, it creates an inner drive to do the right thing for the sake of themselves and the team incentives and rewards.