New Technology Tool

Check this out!

Today I did a brief overview of the website, with students. KidBlog is a safe way for students to stay connected online. Our classroom blogs are private and need a code to access. It is not a requirement for students to work through KidBlog at home, but could be a fun way to use word problems, writing prompts and discuss class topics. Students will be allowed to access KidBlog throughout the day when needed.

If you'd like to see your child's blog you may follow these steps to see his/her blog and stay updated on what we use KidBlog for.

1) have your student log in using this web address:

2) Student will choose his/her name and sign in. All passwords must remain as Claxton.

3) Hit "Profile" botton on top right

4) Look for "parent code", if there isn't a code there, hit "Regenerate"

5) use this code from the KidBlog home page to sign up as your child's parent.

Things to know about KidBlog:

1) I have to approve all comments made in order for them to be visible.

2) I do not have to approve New Blog Posts, with that being said, I can remove inappropriate posts.

3) Any inappropriate activity on the site will result in a referral.

I hope to see you all on there!