The Amazing World of Sloths

- sloths have many talents many people didn't know about-

"I was going to South America to see my grandma and grandpa.My dad said we could go to the rainforest.The next day we went, there where a lot of creatures. Monkeys,Alligators,Anteaters & sloths. I love sloths,they are so fascinating," remembered Jason

Sloths are a unique animal with secrets some people didn't know about


Sloths live in the South America rainforest in tall trees.That is where they live & stay away from the Jaguar. The harpy eagle is a bird and it lives in trees and large snakes live on the ground.Some sloths don't live very long proudly about to 18 years.There diet is an unusual,the three-toed sloth likes leaves,twigs,fruits,bugs & eggs. And the two-toed likes leaves & twigs. They both eat leaves because that is wear they get there water, but sloths don't need to eat or drink as much because they don't have munch mussel. Sloths body temp changes, if its 74 degrees it goes to about 92 degrees.They change about 10 degrees more,thats different about sloths because they are mammals.When they are cold they slow down even more and uses the suns rays to cool off,like reptiles.Sloths are a unique animal because they are so different from other animals.
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"Active" Sloths

If you see some pictures of some sloths you can see some of them hang upside down,that is the second thing that they are known for.They sleep upside down,they hold there babies upside down on there stomach, they could stay in the same spot upside down.They also eat up side down.There claws are like hooks,so its like a tool for them.

There back legs are so week that,they can't walk that is why they hang in stead.Everybody knows they are slow,but sloths are very good swimmers.They stay in high places because most of there predators live on the ground.sloths have a lot of advantages.

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Sloth fashions

Everyone knows that slots move slow.Most sloths stay in the same place for most of their life.They are a medium size animal,thats about the same size of a medium size dog.Sloths have long claws to help them hang upside down.A three-toed sloths slightly smaller than a two-toed sloth.They are the worlds slowest animals Earth,its obviously true they would be.They have shaggy hair to help them blend in,that is camouflage.Most of them are brown.But some of them are green,thats because they grow algae.sloths grow algae because they stay still most of their life.there are four different types of sloths,brown Throated,Pygmy Sloth,Pale Throated & Maned Sloth.sloths have different fashion sense then other animals.
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Sloths are an unique mammal.Their are lots of things that people didn't known about."When we went to the rainforest, we could see some sloths in the trees," recalled Jason. Sloths relatives, Armadillos & Anteaters .Swimming and their diet.Sloths are an amazing animal to learn about.