My trip to Alaska

By: Austin John Hoss

My trip to Alaska wasn’t your average family trip. 80 degrees in the car -20 outside. When we got to the cabin I unpacked, in my bag I had my 44 mag, bullets, 4 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and socks. Im glad I brought the 44 because that night a bear destroyed the trash cans, So my cousin grabbed his 300 win mag and I grabbed the 44 and we ran outside and shot in the air and scared it away. I shot first then I aimed at the bear I had his face in my sights. It was the most terrifying moment of my life. If he would have moved or even twitched he would not have been very happy I had 300 gr hornady loads in my 44 mag with a 10 1\2 inch barrel more than capable of killing a grizzly. The next day we went for a drive, the land was so beautiful it was breath taking. We seen moose, a pack of wolves, and the mountains. When we got back my cousin and I went hunting I had a 308 win and he had a 30-06 Springfield. We didn't see anything so we went back and shot at bottles. The next 3 days we stayed at the cabin and talked about life. When we left I was so sad because I wanted to stay. The car ride home took forever my brother would not shut up. When we got back I was so happy to be home. Iowa is the only place for me. Next time I plan to go wolf hunting because I am a coyote hunter by heart and I figure it can’t be much different. My cousin says he knows where a lot of wolves are so I guess we'll see.
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Where it all happened

It all took place in the small town of Bethal Alaska.

what we seen

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I had my 44 super blackhawk.

300 gr

300 gr bullets are regular 44 magnum loads just with a little more kick. Mainly used for dig game.
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My cousins 300 win mag.